8 Days on Maui

by Keith R. Rees

Sizzling romance and murder mystery set on the paradise shores of West Maui in the days before it was hotbed of tourism. Neil Chapman travels back in time with the sexy Nikki as she uncovers her past one delicate step at a time. Neil has no choice but to continue down the dangerous and mysterious path with her in order to help find what has been eluding her for so long.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

RATS (NomaD Thriller Book 1)

by Joe Klingler

2016 WINNER Great Midwest Book Festival
One man on a decades old mission. The woman who hunts him. And the bullet they share.
A catastrophic fire draws sniper Claire Ferreti into a black ops hunt climaxing in a deadly face-off with a shadow warrior in a typhoon-ravaged jungle.
“Klingler’s debut offers a deep logistical jungle sure to entertain buffs and newcomers to the techno-thriller genre. Throughout, he displays fierce writing chops.”–Kirkus Reviews (Recommended List)

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

What Grows From the Dead

by Dave Dobson

Morris Drummond is not at his best. Well, he hasn’t been at his best for a while now. But having just suffered two crushing losses, he’s almost at rock bottom, which for him means driving ride-share in his mom’s beat up Chevy, drowning his sorrows in tacos and spray cheese, and avoiding anything related to ambition, self-care, or laundry.

Morris is about to learn that he didn’t even know what rock bottom looked like, and it’s all thanks to his mom. A secret she left behind comes to light, and that brings down a lot of unwanted attention on Morris, the kind that looks likely to send him either to prison or to the hereafter. Blood and treachery from long ago rise to the surface, and Morris has only his lawyer Annie, who’s an old high school friend, and a few unexpected allies to call on as he tries to figure out what his mom was up to and why so many people want him out of the picture.

A humorous mystery with elements of suspense and thrillers, What Grows From the Dead is set in present-day small-town North Carolina, not far from the mysterious Uwharrie Forest.

Content warnings: Coarse language throughout; some gun violence (not graphic).

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Someone Savage

by Mike McCrary

Last night two children knocked at his door. Someone is looking for them…

Nicholas Hooper wanted to be left alone. Looking to escape his past and his unfortunate present, the best-selling author rented a luxury house in the Poconos to finish what very well could be his very last book. But his plans change when one night he opens his front door to find two frightened children.

A young girl and boy all alone. They refuse to speak. Looking for help.

The children are escaping their past too and their present is far worse than anything Hooper could have ever imagined. Can Hooper battle his own personal demons and protect these innocent children?

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Category: Crime Fiction

The Nine Minute Diner

by Grzegorz Kunowski

It was a day like any other, in a town where nothing bad ever happens, until a robbery gone wrong turns the lives of sixteen people upside down. As those present that day tell their stories, untangling fact from fiction proves to be more complicated than anticipated, revealing that things are rarely as simple as they seem.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

After Midnight

by Irina Shapiro

A group of strangers is trapped at an antebellum mansion during a raging hurricane. Novelist Callum Burke is found hanging from a tree, murdered in the same way as the villain in his book. When the murderer strikes again, everyone at the plantation could either be the next victim or the killer. Will anyone get out alive?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Neanderlytes

by M G Dashper

A reclusive New Zealand Paleontologist. A renowned international Human Geneticist.

Can they stop the deadly plan of rebel Time Scientists going back in time to alter the genetic memories and instill aggression into our Paleolithic ancestors, changing the face of history as we know it?

Will they succeed in combatting the plot to dramatically increase the survival instincts in modern humans through the instincts embedded in our shared Neanderthal DNA.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime