So You Found The Body, Huh?

by Eva Kloppenborg

When the sarcastic and mischievous Charlotte is whisked away from her university lecture by some very serious men in impeccable suits, she believes it to be a great opportunity to be able to skip class. The only problem is that she will have to miss a few more classes than anticipated since she is not allowed to go back to her boring life. Instead, her life as she knows it is turned upside down when she is immersed in a world full of lies, action, and Secret Intelligence Services as she appears to be the last key to prevent a war.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Joey Mancuso Mysteries: Volumes 4 – 6

by Owen Parr

In this box set, private eye Joey Manusco teams up with his half-brother, Father O’Brien to solve mysteries out of a Manhattan cigar bar. Joey tracks down a missing girl with suspicious parents, then solves the mystery of his own mobster father’s death. That’s just for starter’s–he also delves into a sordid international intrigue.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Point Roberts

by Alexander Rigby

On a peculiar peninsula in Washington State, the town of Point Roberts exists in the shadow of the fifteen people who were murdered here. Surrounded by water and a border wall with Canada, Point Roberts has been cut off from the world every February for the past twenty-seven years in an attempt to stop a brutal serial killer from striking again.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Plane in the Lake

by Neil Turner

Tony Valenti is up against a legal behemoth trying to pin a deadly air tour crash on a pair of mechanics. Tony is already on the ropes when he finds himself and his family in the cross-hairs of a far more dangerous enemy than win-at-all-cost lawyers and a corrupt corporation. He’s suddenly in a race to save the most precious people in his life.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


by Biba Pearce

A young woman is brutally attacked on her way home. It looks like she was the victim of a jilted — and twisted — ex-lover. But then two more women, also engaged to be married, are found dead. The press are calling the assailant the ‘Surrey Stalker’. And the stack of similar cold case files isn’t the only thing mounting up. The pressure is on for young, ambitious DI Rob Miller. He knows he must crack the case before the killer strikes again. But with all the time he’s spending at the office, Rob’s also running a fine line trying to keep his fiancée Yvette onside . . .

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


by Kerry Buchanan

If you can’t trust your father and you can’t trust the police, who can you trust? Sue Hearn is planting a herb garden on the site of her grandfather’s old greenhouse. She’s spent the morning digging up all sorts of odds and ends already. But she doesn’t expect this grisly find. A skull. Could it be the remains of her mother, Monica, who went missing thirty years ago? Sue’s father, in hospital with dementia, insinuates that a police officer was involved in her mother’s disappearance. But can he be trusted? So now Detectives Asha Harvey and Aaron Birch might be looking for a bent copper. As they dig deeper into the past, Sue and Asha find secrets so dangerous it will put all their lives in danger.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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