The Surge

by Willow Rose

We knew they were coming one day; we had just never imagined anything like…this.

Joanna Marks always had a knack for terrible timing. After all, she did get pregnant and run off at 16. With her husband recently deceased, she and her child head back home ten years later… just in time for the invasion.

Sheriff Wayne can never share how he’d known about the Chinese forces before they stormed his beloved little Florida town. The locals would think he was crazy. However, when their harmless city is put under military lockdown, he’s not the only one who finds the whole invasion suspicious.

As Joanna and Wayne team up to uncover the truth, they must venture into a terrifying world that defies reality. Moreover, if they journey too deep, they may never make it out alive…

The Surge is a post-apocalyptic thriller novel with a dash of horror. If you like shocking twists, gritty characters, and pulse-pounding suspense, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s spine-tingling story.

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Category: Suspense


Quinn & Barrett

by Ellis Summers

Vanessa Barrett guards a secret: ancient Miwok ceremonial grounds are located on her property. Protecting this land during and after her divorce becomes a dangerous game – but not as life-threatening as accepting Quinn Grant’s engagement ring.

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Category: Suspense


Skip Langdon Mysteries Vol 4-6: The Skip Langdon Mystery Anthologies Book 5

by Julie Smith

Track a trio of dangerous killers through steamy New Orleans via a vintage online community, a restaurant business dripping with Southern family drama, and a political climate gone mad. Readers will love Skip Langdon’s pluck and charm in this bundle, which includes the middle three books in the series: Death Before Facebook, House of Blues, and The Kindness of Strangers.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


The Eyes of Others: A Watchtower Thriller

by Mikael T Carlson

A traitor is selling America’s secrets to the highest bidder. As FBI counterintelligence mobilizes to neutralize the threat, senators in Washington seek to exploit the crisis for political gain. With soldiers dying and government agencies pointing fingers at each other, a high-profile death causes a public uproar that increases pressure on the nation’s politicians to find a scapegoat to save themselves. Now they’ve found one. Hampered by strange dreams after an automobile accident aggravates an old traumatic brain injury, former soldier and intelligence committee staffer “Boston” Hollinger enlists the help of an attractive doctor to get to the bottom of the mystery. Together, they come to understand his condition’s true nature ― he’s not dreaming but somehow accessing other people’s memories while he sleeps.

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Category: Thrillers – Political


Pirate Legacy Manicato I’naru’

by Frank N Steiner

Until she fell into the trap, Lilith didn’t know her ancestry extended to a woman who was a pirate, a priestess, and a scientific pioneer. A drug cartel suspected she descended from the Voodoo Priestess and lured her and her coworkers to New Orleans to be interrogated.
Lilith was the last inclusion for the convention team’s trip to the Big Easy. The team didn’t expect their gift shop clerk held a family heirloom, which led to a pirate treasure. As they solved the trail of clues, it became clear the prize they sought was beyond the traditional pirate haul of gold and gems.
While the nine-hole golf course underwent an extensive expansion into a premier golf resort, Lilith and her coworkers travelled throughout the Caribbean to find answers. Their journeys would leave indelible scars and waves of destruction, which resulted in the birth of the Manicato I’naru’.

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