Midnight Lullaby

by James D.F. Hannah

A roadside shooting cost ex-state trooper Henry Malone his career and his marriage and sent him back to Serenity, West Virginia. A request to look into the disappearance of a young mother becomes a second chance, an opportunity to redeem himself.

But Malone finds the unexpected as he scratches beneath his hometown’s surface: Crooked lawyers. Meth cooks. A hair-triggered sheriff. A beautiful legal secretary. And a seductive yet deadly white supremacist. It is a dangerous mix that leads Henry and his well-armed AA sponsor, Woody, down a wild and deadly road.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

I Can See You

by Michael Leese

Fans of Sherlock Holmes and David Baldacci’s Amos Decker will love Jonathan Roper.


His would-be-killer is desperate to spend some quality time with Scotland Yard’s brightest young star. He tries to grab Roper’s attention with some gory messages but no-one is noticing and now he’s getting angry.

Roper owes his detective skills to an astonishing memory, and attention to detail that allows him to spot links other people miss. But his autism makes things complicated. He doesn’t mean to be difficult, but his lack of social skills make him a hard man to like. Detective Chief Inspector Brian Hooley is the one man who “gets” him… even though the DCI needs to withstand a barrage of bracingly direct observations that many would see as insults. This forms the back-drop for some laugh out loud moments as the tension mounts in this gripping crime thriller.

I Can See You is the second novel in the Jonathan Roper series and can be read as a standalone story.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives

Harvest Deep

by Trent Pettry

A masterfully written, subterranean horror thriller, HARVEST DEEP takes you on an edge-of-your-seat journey with a group of friends as they fight to survive their homicidal captors and the terror nesting deep within an old family mine.

Something in the earth has evolved…

Hidden in the West Desert of Utah, the former gold rush settlement of Mammoth is now a ghost town.

For Liz Chilton, a photojournalist on assignment, it’s where her deceased mother was raised but barely escaped with her life 40 years ago.

Seeking to reconnect with her mother’s past, Liz, her husband and another couple take a road trip to the desolate area, where they learn that over the decades, scores of people have gone missing. The odyssey takes a horrifying turn when they encounter something inhuman consuming a man and his dog—devolving into a terrifying and gripping fight for survival.

Inspired by true events, HARVEST DEEP is a stunning debut by Trent Pettry that will take every bit of your self-control to keep you from skipping to the end.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Suspense

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