Sea of Red

by James Bultema

Award Finalist American Fiction Awards & Award Finalist Best Thrillers Awards & Independent Press Awards.
Sea of Red is an action-packed Military Thriller involving a war between China and the U.S. in their fight over Taiwan.

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Category: Thrillers – Military


by Graham Wilson

Brought back from England to Australia and charged with murder. Now she sits alone in a jail cell as her world disintegrates around her, determined not to tell anyone what happened on the day her lover died. Did she kill him, did she feed him to crocodiles, what really happened on that fateful day? She knows an awful secret and would rather die than reveal it!

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

A Thin Line

by Craig N. Hooper

When former operative-turned-federal agent Garrison Chase unearths a forty-year-old secret with devastating repercussions for the upcoming election, he discovers powerful men will do anything to keep the truth buried.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

The Greatest Good

by Craig N. Hooper

Assigned to protect the California governor’s son, former operative-turned-federal agent Garrison Chase gets more than he bargained for when his house is broken into and a mysterious gunman makes an attempt on the boy’s life. A thrilling, murder-for-hire conspiracy! Get the first book in the Garrison Chase thriller series today.

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Cookie Calamity

by Cindy Stark

Evie St. Claire’s life takes an exciting turn when she discovers she’s the heir to her long-lost aunt’s estate. She’s filled with anticipation until she learns her inheritance is a dilapidated house of little value. Worse, claiming her great aunt’s remains requires a journey to the serene lakeside town of Honeysuckle Springs.
When she encounters a murder victim shortly after her arrival, she wonders if she’s made a big mistake. Especially when she finds herself embroiled in a web of suspicion, with even the attractive police chief keeping a watchful eye on her.
However, the greatest surprise lies in store when Evie’s mischievous inherited cat reveals astonishing news that forever alters her life. Little by little, the town’s and her family’s shocking secrets are revealed, but will these revelations lead her closer to the elusive killer, or send her running back home?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy