Risky Bisqueness

by Elizabeth Rain

The Dead aren’t Talking. But the Cat is…

One day is all it takes for Juli to burn down the pizza parlor, lose her job, and walk in on her cheating rat of a husband.

The childish invite in the mail might just be her saving grace, or is something more sinister in store?

Because the town of Veil Falls and its inhabitants are far from ordinary. And moving there challenges every notion she’s ever had about what’s real. Add in a strange inheritance, an overbearing ghost, and a snarky recipe grimoire, and maybe even misfits like her deserve a second chance to get things right.

But first, as the newly appointed fledgling soup witch to Snips and Snails Café, she’ll need to get cooking, embrace her inner witchiness, and solve her uncle’s murder before she runs out of time and the killer strikes twice.

Will her do-over really lead to her dead and under?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


A Nose for Mischief

by K.T. Lee

After Zoey’s career is torpedoed by her management’s crooked actions, she goes to work for the FBI’s K-9 training academy to salvage her reputation. However, Zoey soon realizes the trouble at her old company is far from over. And she may be the only one who can stop it before it becomes explosive.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy



by Clark Veihweg

A father shares a fantastic dream of free energy for the world with his son. The father dies soon after that; years later, when the son is grown, he attempts to fulfill the vision. The dream becomes a nightmare when it becomes a race to see if he can make the dream a reality before being killed.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


The Happy Widow: A Will Harper Novel (Will Harper Mystery Series Book 6)

by David Crosby

The mystery opens with an exhilarating honeymoon at sea: philanderer Alain Duvalier has whisked his new—wealthy—wife away on a honeymoon cruise. Duvalier pushes his giddy wife off the cruise ship, then claims the death was a tragic accident, but then starts selling off her assets.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


The Struggle

by Carolyn Geduld

After a tragic accident, Uri’s life spirals out of control. He becomes a brutal debt collector for a cult, The Struggle, and is pressured to testify against its leader for sexual misconduct. Will he choose to stay loyal or risk prison? And what about the children sired by the leader? Find out in this gripping tale of guilt, loyalty, and redemption.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


Black Jade – A Historical Cozy Mystery

by Gloria Oliver

A curious lack of corpses. A slew of snobbish suspects. Can this sightless amateur sleuth pinpoint a killer?

Dallas, TX, 1930. Daiyu Wu refuses to be disadvantaged by her blindness. Navigating the world with help from her faithful companions, the young Chinese adventuress celebrates life with a strong thirst for knowledge. So when she scents burned garlic in a customer’s garment, the clever laundress runs an experiment that reveals a dress doused in arsenic.

Determined to provide the unaware authorities with a clue in a murder case, Daiyu vows to chase down the garment’s mysterious origins even though there’s no body to be found. But as the links lead the immigrant girl higher into Texas’s social echelons, she clashes with bigotry, short-sightedness, and a web of lies hamstringing her ability to investigate.

Can she find fresh evidence before she’s hung out to dry?

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Category: Mystery – Historical



by Rob Kaufman

When Frank Devlin walks into Justin Wright’s office, the renowned Manhattan psychiatrist decides to take on one of the most challenging cases of his career.
After their first session, it’s obvious Frank has multiple personalities (“alters”). Justin must get to know each alter to discover the best way to help Frank live a full and happy life. He must also delve into Frank’s past, one filled with mystery, darkness and trauma.
As Justin deals with Frank’s issues, he’s also confronted with his own: the kidnapping of Michael, his youngest son, seven years earlier… his wife Mandy who refuses to accept her son is gone… the struggle with his oldest son, Dylan, who was watching Michael the day he was taken. And, unbeknownst to Justin, Frank and his alters are weaving themselves into his life in ways that will affect the Wright family forever.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological