In Cold Blood

by Willow Rose

A boarding school steeped in tradition.
A killer cloaked in darkness.
A campus paralyzed in fear.

For Detective Forrest, evil has a distinctive smell. When a young girl is found murdered, strung from a tree at a local boarding school, Forrest fears a connection to French revolution-era savagery.

But who among the students or teachers is capable of such dark evil?

Sara Damsgaard is in debt, newly widowed, and desperate to provide for her younger sister. Her new position as a boarding school headmistress seems like the perfect fresh start. If it weren’t for the brutal attacks sweeping through the student body.

To save the school, Forrest and Damsgaard teams up to catch the killer.

When the trail of clues takes an unexpected turn, they come face-to-face with a sinister school tradition with the power to call forth a new reign of terror.

If you like confounding mysteries, a little romance, and a hardboiled detective, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s suspenseful whodunit.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Thread of Gold

by Anne Da Vigo

In the throes of World War I and the 1918 influenza epidemic, whispers circulated in rural New York state that millions in gold was buried in the nearby hills.

Nearly a century later, these same rumors would upend the life of Cora Brooks, a contemporary crime reporter, whose murder investigation becomes entangled in the old story, revealing long-hidden family secrets.

Kirkus Reviews said, “Stop the presses! An appealing crime fiction heroine is born.”

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Million Dollar Staircase: A Florida Thriller (Will Harper Mystery Series Book 1)

by David Crosby

This Florida mystery opens with a bang: “Start the boat! We’ve got to get rid of this body.” That’s Will Harper speaking, ex-journalist and budding detective, thinking fast when he discovers his girlfriend’s the victim of a frame-up. He sees why they can’t go to the cops—the mayor, the city manager, and every official in town could be in on it.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators



by Scott C. Smith

He’s a loner, 35 in ’85, which any Boomer knows was about ten minutes ago yesterday. One thing he has, besides a penchant for bad habits and intoxicating women, is time, and he’s inclined to invest it in others. Especially if there’s a return on investment.
And so begins Peter MacAlister’s adventure with Edie, who seeks his help recovering a lost inheritance.
Peter’s a reporter by day, covers the grimy streets of his small city on New England’s South Coast, and partners with his pal, aging attorney Mory Wilbur, as they help others who have nowhere else to turn.
So, hop into Peter’s old Volvo 240 with him and Edie as they steer off into an adventure they never expected toward a fate neither could have imagined. Trigger-happy, drug-peddling gang members, nouveau mobsters, and holed up society dropouts are among the characters they encounter and contend with on their mission to claim what’s rightfully hers. And his piece of the pie.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


A Tangled Web

by A L Fraine

A missing girl, a trafficking ring, and a web of lies.

When wayward teen Olivia goes missing, her friend reports it.
Jon Pilgrim and his team take the case, hunting for the missing girl.

Sifting through their lives, they discover both girls have been victims for a long time.
Grooming, gaslighting, a criminal gang used these vulnerable young women.

As the case progresses, a local millionaire is implicated, a millionaire with links to the wealthy and powerful.
But when the wealthy businessman’s girlfriend takes an all too personal interest in Jon, things get complicated.

Lies, corruption, and trafficked girls lead Jon into a tangled web.
And there could be no escape from the spider at its core.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Spree: An Action-Adventure Novel (A Jon Steadman Thriller Book 1)

by Nellie Neeman

Jon Steadman is desperate for closure after the love of his life dies in a campus killing spree. His quest for answers leads him across the globe. But, when Jon unearths a lethal conspiracy, he must race against time to save America from its deadliest attack. Fans of David Baldacci, Lee Child, and Dan Brown will love this 5-star adventure thriller.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


Down & Dirty Supernatural Cleaning Service: Grave New World

by Demitria Lunetta, Kate Karyus Quinn, Marley Lynn

I’m Paige Harper and I clean up supernatural messes. But my personal life is something I can’t seem to straighten out.

I accidentally married a fae, and even though we’ve been divorced for years, Jax still manages to land me in hot water. Like, putting my house on the table at a high stakes poker game type of hot.

Now, he’s been arrested for murder and the cops want to pin a series of vampire killings on him. I don’t know if he did it or not. But I do know he needs to be at that poker game or else my house is gone.

In order to get Jax out, I turn to Nico, a one-eyed werewolf private detective, for help. Nico is a handsome, dangerous, ladies man and I have no intention of falling prey to his charms.

Although, that’s easier said than done as the two of us begin crawling through the dirty underbelly of the supernatural world…

It’s a good thing I brought my broom.

Grave New World is the first book in an all new paranormal mystery series filled with laughs and romance!

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Grime & Punishment

by Demitria Lunetta, Kate Karyus Quinn, Marley Lynn

The only thing worse than a serial killer that hates you…is a serial killer that likes you.

It’s the beginning of the worst knock knock joke ever: a dead body, a pregnant vampire, and a murderous ex all show up on the same doorstep. Except this joke happens to be my life.

The dead body is a “gift” from the notorious vampire serial killer. Doesn’t anyone send flowers anymore?

The only upside to his attention is that Nico, a one-eyed werewolf private detective, has decided to assign himself as my personal bodyguard. Even though Nico gets me hot and bothered, I’m done with bad boys. Instead, I’m determined to make things work with a new guy that I’ve met. But I can’t take this relationship to the next level with a werewolf on my tail.

Can I juggle work, romance, and an obsessed serial killer? I can, or I’ll die trying.

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