In Cold Blood

by Willow Rose

A boarding school steeped in tradition.
A killer cloaked in darkness.
A campus paralyzed in fear.

For Detective Forrest, evil has a distinctive smell. When a young girl is found murdered, strung from a tree at a local boarding school, Forrest fears a connection to French revolution-era savagery.

But who among the students or teachers is capable of such dark evil?

Sara Damsgaard is in debt, newly widowed, and desperate to provide for her younger sister. Her new position as a boarding school headmistress seems like the perfect fresh start. If it weren’t for the brutal attacks sweeping through the student body.

To save the school, Forrest and Damsgaard teams up to catch the killer.

When the trail of clues takes an unexpected turn, they come face-to-face with a sinister school tradition with the power to call forth a new reign of terror.

If you like confounding mysteries, a little romance, and a hardboiled detective, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s suspenseful whodunit.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Farewell, My Babylon

by Davidy Rosenfeld

Set against the fascinating background of modern-day Tel Aviv with its melting pot of diverse cultures and extremes, Farewell My Babylon is an engrossing, fast-paced PI thriller filled with unique, captivating characters and a mystery that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

Erez Brown is a private detective. He’s a busy man dealing in cheating spouses, small-time fraud and petty theft. Nothing dangerous. No one gets hurt. That’s until he takes on the case of a missing young woman. It’s been three years since Lea Rubinstein walked out the door, but only now her Orthodox Jew parents are suddenly interested in finding their daughter. Erez believes it’s an obvious case of a teenage girl escaping the confines of a strict religious upbringing and that Lea simply doesn’t want to be found. What should be a straightforward paperchase for a detective of Erez’s talents turns ugly when he’s savagely beaten for getting too close to answers, and then his discovery of a murder—a prostitute who specializes in dominance and sexual harm has been brutally killed. Is Lea Rubinstein responsible, or is she another victim?

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


The Doppelganger

by Cole Baxter

After Emmeline has an argument with her husband Jeffrey, he goes missing.
When he turns up unharmed, she realizes he looks and sounds like Jeffrey. But she’s sure he’s not. Even if his family is welcoming this stranger with open arms.
Only one thing is certain – when she finally uncovers the terrifying truth, her life will be changed forever.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


The Killing Woods

by Linda Berry

A gripping psychological thriller. When two women are brutally murdered in her small town, Police Chief Sidney Becker is pitted against a killer more cunning than any she’s faced before. An oblique message written inside an Origami butterfly is found on one victim. Sidney needs to decipher it, fast, before the killer strikes again.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Who’s Killing the Old Movies Stars

by Jon Spoelstra

Why knock off some beloved old movie stars?
The cops are baffled. Who can stop it? Who’s gonna stop it?

Charlie, Ben and Reggie jump right in. They think they have it figured out, but then again, they might be wrong.

There are surprises, revelations, more murders, and a wild finish at an old movie ranch that was once rejected by the Manson clan.

This reads fast. Old guys like things fast.

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Category: Mystery – Series