The Holy City Murders: A Duke Dempsey Mystery

by Ron Plante Jr.

Duke Dempsey is a private investigator in 1938 Charleston, SC. Thrust into the case of a lifetime when the Vatican comes calling and hires Duke to find an invaluable relic. Charleston is also hit with the mysterious murders of a prominent priest of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and a local cop. Duke is forced into a partnership with the presiding detective, Johnny Stampkin, to find the relic and solve the murders. The case takes a multitude of twists and turns as they navigate through Roman Catholic puzzles, Civil War secrets, and a Nazi Assassin.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

Smoke over Owl Creek

by Caren Hahn

“…heart-poundingly, palm-sweatingly good…” SMALL TOWN. DARK SECRETS. A single mom’s fresh start turns deadly when a stranger is murdered on her property. ***Discover the darker side of small town life in this bingeworthy thriller with unexpected twists!

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Category: Suspense

Questionable Practice

by Randy Moon

Lives to Save or Lives to Take?

Robert Madigan entered medical school with dreams of healing lives. But when tragedy strikes, he’s forced down a dark path as a hired killer to provide for his family. Enlisting friends Samuel and Clark, the trio become “The Good Doctors” – using their medical expertise to offer victims a chilling choice: death by bullet or lethal injection.

As they spiral deeper into Philadelphia’s criminal underworld, Robert is trapped in a web of betrayal and powerful men who play God. With everything on the line, he must unravel who to trust before it’s too late. One man’s noble calling has become his damnation in this haunting tale of desperation, morality, and sacrificing one’s soul.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime