Mind If I Come In

by K.L. Phelps

On a recent trip to Vegas, Katrina Parker really crapped out. Married, widowed, and with no memory of either event, Kat suddenly develops the ability to communicate with comatose people. But what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there — especially when it comes to the supernatural. Even back in Houston, trouble still haunts her.

After agreeing to try to help the coma-stricken daughter of a mob boss, Kat discovers the assault that placed the poor girl in the hospital was only the beginning. Aided by her amnesic vampire housemate, a former Vegas detective, a spunky turtle, and a man who may or may not have a neck, Kat vows to discover who is behind it all … before she becomes the next victim.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Six-Week Solution

by Paula Darnell

In 1955, women from all over the country flock to Reno, the Divorce Capital of the World, to establish the six weeks’ residency required for a quickie Nevada divorce. But unless Washoe County Deputy Sheriff Ben Cameron can discover why so many prospective divorcées are having “accidents,” some of them won’t live long enough to have their day in court.

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Category: Mystery – Historical


by J.M. LeDuc

Recruited by the FBI straight out of Quantico for her intelligence and attitude. Released by the bureau for the same reasons. Now, they need her back! Six girls have washed up along the shore of the Florida Keys and four agents are dead. The bureau’s only chance is a rogue agent who flies by her own wings and will stop at nothing to make sure justice is achieved. It is said, “Fight fire with fire.” The bureau knows, “Fight sin with SIN.” Her name says it all: Tempting―Dangerous―Deadly.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Never Reply All

by Dan Friedman

An email received by accident.
An FBI agent on the verge of a meltdown.
The two neighbors cooperate to save their careers and their lives.

Emily Turing receives a threatening email by mistake. She tries to learn who wants to get rid of her and why. She co-founded a successful startup in a male-dominated world, and she’s torn between her loyalty to Jessica, her boss and co-founder, and Mike, her co-worker and new love.

FBI Agent Bob Alexis’s life crashes when he discovers Lisa, his wife, wants to leave him. He’s married to his job. When he discovers she had an affair—it becomes unbearable, and he almost loses his mind.

When Emily, Bob’s neighbor, turns to him for help—it might be too late for both of them.

Never Reply All is the fast-paced prequel novella to the award-winning thriller Don’t Dare to Dream. Here you can learn more about Special Agent Bob Alexis’s life and investigations.

Dan Friedman’s debut crime thriller Don’t Dare to Dream won the 2019 Reader’s Favorite Mystery Gold Medal Book Award and was a finalist thriller in the National Indie Excellence Award. If you enjoy gripping suspense, twists and turns, and unpredictable characters—you’ll love Dan Friedman’s thrilling ride.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Holly Winter Mysteries: Books 1 – 4

by Ruby Loren

Six famous detectives are snowed in together.

One by one, they start to die.

Will amateur sleuth, Holly Winter, solve the case before her own time runs out?

Four winter cozy mysteries perfect for reading by the fire! From mass murder, to uncovering the secrets of an ancient civilisation, there’s never a dull moment in these hilarious books.

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