Mahu 1-6: Six Full Mystery Novels (Mahu Investigations)

by Neil S Plakcy

The first six novels in the award-winning Mahu Investigations series. Mahu, Mahu Surfer, Mahu Fire, Mahu Vice, Mahu Blood and Zero Break showcase a dedicated Honolulu homicide detective probing deep into the shadows of the sunny Aloha State to root out criminals and predators. Lots of sunshine and surfing along with murder, arson, domestic terrorism and much more.

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Category: Mystery – LGBT

Missing Amanda: A Lou Fleener Mystery (Lou Fleener Mysteries Book 1)

by Duane Lindsay

It starts out nice and easy. Lou—an expert in Chicago gangster lore—is hired against his better judgment to find the adorable missing daughter of a wise guy. Only Amanda’s not really missing. In fact, there is no Amanda. The gangster’s got a devious agenda of his own.

But by the time Lou’s found that out, he’s got four crime bosses gunning for him, and he’s plenty pissed off. Not only should you never fight with Lou Fleener, you should also never piss him off. He quickly enlists Monk to outplot the plotters— because Monk’s super power is working out intricate and diabolical revenge plans.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Dinosaur Lake

by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Chief Park Ranger Henry Shore always wanted to see a real live dinosaur in the flesh, but when a particularly vicious, clever and huge specimen shows up in his usually tranquil park, he takes all that back. Now he has to find a way to destroy the creature before more park visitors are killed…and it won’t be easy.

2014 EPIC EBOOKS AWARDS *Finalist*. Dinosaur Lake V: Survivors is now OUT! ***

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Category: Suspense

Every Dying Hour

by Justin Glenn Rishel

A revolutionary pill eliminates the need for sleep — and is only accessible to an exclusive few. As a terrorist group wreaks havoc, determined to realign social orders by eliminating the drug, former cop Martin Aubrey is called in to help. But he discovers the line between good and bad isn’t so clear… The start of a compelling sci-fi series!

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


by Dan Latus

Jake Ord lives in peaceful seclusion with his companion, Magda, in a small town in Portugal. They each have something to hide, but their life together is just how they want it: tranquil, safe and agreeably boring. Then Jake receives a phone call that changes everything. Crime boss Ed Fogarty has escaped from prison. He wants revenge on those who put him there. He also wants the missing £20 million from his last heist. Fogarty is ticking names off his hit list. He knows where Jake lives. It’s time for Jake and Magda to run. But Magda is no stranger to the criminal underworld — or to the violent men hunting them. Can Jake really trust her?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Poker Chips and Poison

by Rodney Strong

If old age doesn’t get her… the murderer will.
97 year old Alice Atkinson should be comfortably living out her days at the Silvermoon Retirement Village. But she’s bored. A lifetime of living in the grey area between right and wrong means that winning money off her friends at poker just isn’t satisfying.
Then her friend is murdered, and she’s the only one who thinks it’s foul play. And even she has her doubts.
With the help of Vanessa her newly appointed and occasionally reluctant sidekick, Alice is determined to find out the truth. One thing is for sure, Alice is going to need to dust off some old skills to come through this in one piece.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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