Better Watch Out

by Willow Rose

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.

Some kids are scared of the dark, others of monsters living under their beds. Some are even afraid of clowns.

None of those things scare Sara. But she is terrified of one man, who comes to her house every year, in the middle of the night.


Curl up with some frightening Christmas horror from the Queen of Scream, Willow Rose. Warning: you might not feel like putting out cookies for Santa ever again after reading this short story.

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Category: Suspense


The Art Merchant

by JK Flynn

A murder in the suburbs. A hanging in the woods. The body count is rising… If you like your stories dark and your characters edgy, you’ll love this gritty crime thriller!

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Category: Crime Fiction


Blood-Red Mist

by Michael Allan Scott

Hardboiled crime ripped out of tomorrow’s headlines. Is she the next target of Big Pharma?

In a strange city, Jena stands at her stepfather’s deathbed, stunned by his dying confession, ashamed of her secret.

Outside the city limits, a drug researcher is found dead of an overdose. The FDA’s Director for Drug Evaluation vanishes!

Dogged by the missing director, Jena pursues her stepfather’s last wishes, discovering doctored drug trials that could cost thousands of lives.

Blood-Red Mist defies description, a fresh read for fans of Dean Koontz, Lisa Gardner, Gregg Olsen, James Lee Burke, Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins.

Eyes in the sky, she sees. Head in the clouds, she searches. Feet on the ground, she answers the call—Jena Halpern, the reluctant crime consultant.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Sense of Danger

by Alexa Verde

Eight riveting, unputdownable romances filled with love, faith, and danger to warm your heart and set it racing! Complete series! Sparks and bullets fly as couples join forces to survive, solve mysteries, and find love. Welcome to Rios Azules, a small south Texas town where rivers and emotions run deep and the secrets are deadly. Will the Danger Girls, a group of childhood friends, all survive?

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Category: Mystery – Collections & Anthologies


Charming Disguises

by Ngozi T. Robinson

Baptist minister and amateur sleuth, Regina Grant, fights injustice by solving crimes with boldness, grit, and faith, all while being a pastor and looking for a man. In the second installment of the Regina Grant Mysteries, Pastor Grant is back, and this time she’s taking on the big city. With her job on the line, Regina travels to New York, where she finds herself wooed by a charming suitor and embroiled in a dangerous mystery surrounded by wealth and secrets. Robin Hood dies (or does he?)! Regina must use her faith-driven boldness and detective skills to uncover the truth before it’s too late. Regina will stop at nothing until she catches her man—be it the guilty party or true love. Join Regina on this heart-pumping adventure filled with grit, faith, and justice.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths