Risky Bisqueness

by Elizabeth Rain

There’s Murder afoot in Veil Falls, and that’s not all.

Its Juli’s job is to make sure the Soup of the Day delivers…a daily dose of magic that is…

But Before she knows it, Juli is on the case, chasing baddies, finding clues, and whipping up the right magical recipes to save them all.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Witches and Fairies and Tacos… Oh My

by Carol Kilgore

Best friends. Work partners. Sisters. Wicked Good Witches. Charli Quinn and her sister Brielle are the owners of House Witches Cleaning. When Charli finds the body of the husband of one of their clients, she and Brielle use all their talents to help find his killer. The tall, blue-eyed deputy that Charli meets along the way even likes tacos as much as she does.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Shed Girl

by Milana Marsenich

Shed Girl is a contemporary crime novel set in a small fictional town on Washington’s northern coast. Annie’s Court has a runaway problem. Runaways arrive and then they disappear. Juliet French, an old runaway herself, does tarot readings for petty cash. Juliet notices the runaways flock to LeCrosse, a toy seller, just before they go missing.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Hunting Molly

by Sandie Baldry

In the city’s dark underbelly, Molly fought to survive each day as a vulnerable sex worker. But when she stumbles upon a chilling murder, her life takes a harrowing turn. Now, hunted relentlessly by three remorseless killers, Molly’s resilience is put to the test. Meanwhile, Detective Karen Pearce finds herself investigating the case where her key witness is either dead or soon will be if she doesn’t get to her first.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Ambitious’ Secret

by Dameyon Allen

In the bustling city of Houston, a captivating tale unfolds in the pages of “Ambitious’ Secret.” Follow the journey of Hope, a stunning young entrepreneur determined to make her mark among the city’s business elites. Coming from an affluent background, her path takes an intriguing turn as she navigates the complexities of her business dealings. Married to a wealthy and astute gentleman, Hope’s ambitions intertwine with her personal life, leading to a captivating web of secrets and unexpected twists. Set against the backdrop of Houston’s vibrant business scene, this novel will keep you enthralled as Hope’s journey unfolds, revealing the power of ambition and the depths of the human spirit.

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Category: Mystery – African American