by C. M. Sutter

Washburn County Deputy Amber Monroe is following in the footsteps of her sister, Jade, in hopes of being promoted soon.
Living in small-town USA has its advantages, like a sense of security, and disadvantages, like being close to Milwaukee and its crime. Washburn County has become the dumping ground of murder victims, courtesy of its neighboring county to the south.
When two men are discovered on the outskirts of North Bend, each with a bullet to the head, Amber’s team, led by Lieutenant Jack Steele, hits the highway in search of a killer.
Assisted by the Milwaukee PD, they go deep into Brew City’s underbelly. Crimes involving murder and counterfeiting keep the team running in every direction, but it’s Amber’s attraction to a new man in North Bend that puts her front and center on the killer’s short list.
She doesn’t get far before the entire case turns upside down.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals




In the thrilling start to the Trask Brothers Murder Mystery Series, identical twin brothers Dave and Don hunt a silent killer terrorizing anglers in the great north woods.

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Category: Mystery – Series


The Collector

by R. Allen Chappell

When the local trader is found murdered the only clue points directly at Lucy Tallwoman. The FBI sweeps in to discover a decades-old trail of deceit and betrayal as the darker days of Lucy’s past come back to haunt her. The family decides they need help…and fast. Caught up in a chilling plot to control the burgeoning trade in Native American art Investigator Charlie Yazzie finds himself dangerously out of his league It soon becomes clear the only thing that will make Lucy’s work more valuable…is her death.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical


Against All Enemies

by Vannetta Chapman

Allison Quinn won’t stop until she finds her father’s killer.
An attack on a luxury cruise liner sends Department of Homeland Security agent, Allison Quinn to the Gulf Coast of Texas. She’ll be working with Donovan Steele, a man who is sometimes her friend, sometimes her partner, and occasionally her adversary. While Quinn works to stop the attack, she’s determined to find the persons responsible for her father’s death.
When Quinn connects the burgeoning cyber-attack to the Anarchists for Tomorrow, she suspects that something terrible is looming, but what can terrorists hope to accomplish by disabling one cruise ship?
From Galveston to Costa Luna to Cozumel, Quinn and Steele chase criminals intent on bringing down not just one ship, but the entire economy of the United States.
Against All Enemies is a thrilling story about one woman’s dedication to a promise she made long ago and the lengths she’s willing to go to keep that promise. She will have to stand up against the monsters lurking in the dark as well as the ones that she has kept locked deep inside.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


Arctic Revelation

by Hugh Finch

Dr. Christian Yates risks his reputation and life to prove human DNA contains an infinite repository of ancestral memories.

Alas, Christian may get more than he bargained for as his mission attracts the attention of both a ruthless pharmaceutical CEO and a notorious serial killer, each seeking the same knowledge.

“…a true masterpiece.” -OnlineBookClub Reviews
“…a mindblowing psychological thriller.” -Discovery Reviews
“…this is a thriller …concept, action and danger pay dividends …the reader can’t resist going forward to find out how it all connects.” -Kirkus Reviews

What if every human on the planet carries a dark secret in their DNA?
What if memories could be passed to the next generation just as easily as physical traits?
How can an entire lifetime of memories flash before a person’s eyes in just a split second during a near death experience?

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime