The First Time I Died

by Jo Macgregor

The first time I died, I didn’t come back alone…

When Garnet McGee returns to her small Vermont hometown for the holidays, she vows to solve the mystery of the murder which shattered her life ten years ago. Then she dies.

After she’s resuscitated, she starts hearing voices, seeing visions and experiencing strange sensations. Are these merely symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and an over-active imagination, or is she getting messages from a paranormal presence?

Garnet has always prided herself on being logical and rational, but trying to catch a killer without embracing her shadow self is getting increasingly difficult. And dangerous, because in a town full of secrets, it seems like everybody has a motive for murder.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


The Trouble with Dead Bodies: A Hale Mary Mystery

by Katrina Kyle

Hale Mary isn’t a quitter. Battling a pain-med addiction following a horrific crash, the former world-class snowboarder is desperate to prove she’s every bit as good as her seven sports-hero brothers. But when she turns to agenting after losing her job as a broadcaster, her fresh start goes sour after her promising NFL rookie client is found murdered.

When one of her siblings is fingered for the hit, Hale vows to do whatever it takes to clear his name. But the more she pulls apart a complex web of jealousies and disgruntled teammates, the more she suspects someone has a secret play they’ll do anything to protect.

Can Hale flag the killer before they return to silence the truth?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Trouble with Paradise

by Katrina Kyle

Welcome to paradise. Where the drinks are strong, the sun is hot, and the secrets are deadly.
Hale Seton is tired of losing. Determined to get her struggling sports management agency off the ground, the disgraced ex-snowboard champion is in Key West, Florida trying to land a deal with local billionaire and boxing afficionado, Ricky Dominica.

But before she can sign on the dotted line, a homeless man turns up dead—on Ricky’s yacht.

When the police finger Ricky’s son for the murder, Hale leaps at the chance to help uncover the truth. When she discovers the victim is the father of an underprivileged local fighter, it isn’t long before she’s entangled in a complex web of corruption and greed.

As Hale is pulled into the search—along with a dirty cop, jealous siblings, and a back-stabbing ex-girlfriend—she finds herself caught between the killer and the truth.

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Runner’s Path

by Paul Breen

Nineteen women on a university cross-country team embark on a routine eight-mile run. Only eighteen women finish. Days later, the police find the nineteenth, Andie Sheridan, buried in a shallow grave near the route. The police, the university, and the community cannot understand how someone could attack and murder a woman running in a group. The community braces for more attacks, but none occur.

Seamus O’Neill, an out-of-work local rock & roll musician and part-time detective, takes an interest in the case and in the victim. Seamus bounces between brewpubs, bars, and rock & roll shows, gaining an understanding of the victim and of the crime. He creates a theory that identifies the killer and explains why there were no witnesses. Yet he has no proof.

Can Seamus O’Neill prove who killed Andie Sheridan?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Skip Langdon Mystery Series Vol. 1-5: The Skip Langdon Mystery Anthologies Book 3

by Julie Smith

Follow smart, savvy, and refreshingly human homicide detective Skip Langdon through the twists and turns of a New Orleans teeming with crooked cops, mob squabbles, and southern kinships gone awry.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency

by Peter Oxley

London, 1868. The streets are haunted by thieves, murderers… and demons from beyond the Aether.

Spencer and Bart are the city’s most incompetent crooks, and they are in deep trouble. Hunted by both police and their fellow criminals, they are forced to consider the unthinkable —going straight.

Forming The Great Big Demon Hunting Agency, they thought their troubles were behind them, but they soon find themselves caught up in a web far more dangerous than they could ever imagine, pitched against demons, criminals and evil magicians.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical