In Cold Blood

by Willow Rose

A boarding school steeped in tradition.
A killer cloaked in darkness.
A campus paralyzed in fear.

For Detective Forrest, evil has a distinctive smell. When a young girl is found murdered, strung from a tree at a local boarding school, Forrest fears a connection to French revolution-era savagery.

But who among the students or teachers is capable of such dark evil?

Sara Damsgaard is in debt, newly widowed, and desperate to provide for her younger sister. Her new position as a boarding school headmistress seems like the perfect fresh start. If it weren’t for the brutal attacks sweeping through the student body.

To save the school, Forrest and Damsgaard teams up to catch the killer.

When the trail of clues takes an unexpected turn, they come face-to-face with a sinister school tradition with the power to call forth a new reign of terror.

If you like confounding mysteries, a little romance, and a hardboiled detective, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s suspenseful whodunit.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


The Break

by Daniel Hurst

Between work and her family, Karen doesn’t have a minute to herself so she books a quaint holiday home to take a short break.
She’ll have time to read, take bubble baths, unwind.
But this is no ordinary home – it contains a dark secret … and Karen is not alone.
Someone is watching her, waiting to plunge her into a nightmare she’ll never forget.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Evil in Mind

by Trevor Negus

Killer Jimmy Wade is pure evil and now he has psychopathic police sergeant Mick Reynolds as his partner.
They embark on a killing spree and Reynolds’ police background keeps them one step ahead of DI Danny Flint, who is investigating the brutal murders.
As Flint closes in on them, he discovers that someone he cares about is in terrible danger…

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


Burgundy and Bodies

by Sandra Woffington

What wine pairs with murder? In wicked Wine Valley…all of them!
By USA Today and Amazon bestselling author

If the Addams family’s daughter Wednesday grew up to be a forensic psychologist, she would be Dr. Joy Burton—and Detective Max King’s worst nightmare and Reed Steele’s match.

In this thrilling page-turner, a beautiful blond is found dead by a creek after a poker game. Max and Joy dig through the secret lives of the suspects, including the chief of police.

While solving the crime, Max and Joy, recently united, dissect their bizarre past. They had shared early years together before being adopted by two different lawmen.

Their quest is personal—and deadly.

Step into the wicked world of Wine Valley. Read Burgundy and Bodies today!

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Category: Mystery – Series


Morgans Vs the Mob : Books 1-3

by Duane Lindsay

GET THE COMPLETE BEST-SELLING SERIES IN THIS THRILLING 3 BOOK BOX SET. SUSPENSE, DANGER AND ROMANCE! Meet John Paul and CJ Morgan, a typical suburban couple. Nice house, good jobs, however, life is a bit boring–okay, it’s a total bore until the couple meets a few mob members. Faced with violence and rape, John Paul and his wife fight back.

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Category: Mystery – Series


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