Fatal Illusion

by Charles J Thayer

Steve Wilson finds himself entangled in a new investigation when a kayaker discovers a body floating in Belfast harbor. The young woman’s parents refuse to believe their daughter died from an accidental drug overdose and they persuade Steve to uncover the truth. Steve suspects her suspicious death is linked to her position as crew on luxurious yachts and the secrets each owner hides behind a facade of respectability.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Death & Due Diligence

by Charles J Thayer

The body floating near the family’s sailboat triggers a request for Steve Wilson to complete the dead man’s due diligence assignment and uncover the truth about the accountant’s body in Boothbay Harbor. Join Steve as he navigates a path between power-driven private equity investors and a greedy CEO’s quest to maximize profit at any cost.

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Charm School

by Cate Martin

Amanda Clarke thinks of herself as perfectly ordinary in every way. Just a small-town girl who serves breakfast all day in a little diner nestled next to the highway, nothing but dairy farms for miles around. She fits in there.
But then an old woman she never met dies, and Amanda was named in her will. Now Amanda packs a bag and heads to the big city, to Miss Zenobia Weekes’ Charm School for Exceptional Young Ladies. And it’s not in just any neighborhood. No, she finds herself on Summit Avenue in St. Paul, a street lined with gorgeous old houses, the former homes of lumber barons, railroad millionaires, even the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. Why, Amanda can practically hear the jazz music still playing across the decades.
Scratch that. The music really, literally, still plays in the backyard of the charm school. Because the house stretches across time itself. Without a witch to protect this tear in the fabric of the world, anything can spill over. Like music.
Or like murder.
“Charm School”, Book 1 in the Witches Three Cozy Mystery series. If you’re a fan of Amanda M. Lee, N.M. Howell, or Amy Boyles, this mélange of magic and murder mystery is sure to charm you.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Two Detective Jericho Short Reads (The Detective Jericho Series Book 9)

by Walter Marks

Two Detective Jericho short novels: “The Hated” explores the terrifying existence of hate groups in East Hampton. “A Man’s Partner” is an investigation into the death of Jericho’s former NYPD partner. As in all Jericho books, the endings are shocking and unexpected.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals