DON’T LIE TO ME (Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 1)

by Willow Rose

When twelve-year-old Sophie Williams went on a Girl Scout summer camp, she never returned home.

Three months later, her body is found inside her sleeping bag in the most frequented area of Cocoa Beach, and the town is outraged.

The girl isn’t just any child. She’s the town’s most beloved surf idol, and it was believed that she could be the next Kelly Slater.

As another child, the son of a well-known senator is kidnapped, and the parents receive a disturbing video, FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas — who has just returned to her hometown, divorced and out of a job — plunges into the investigation, breaking her promise to her children not to do police work again.

Local law enforcement, with her old flame Matt Miller in charge, are the ones who ask for her help in a case so unsettling that only she can solve it. But the deeper they dig, the deadlier it becomes for Matt and Eva Rae. Soon, everyone she holds dear is in grave danger as this case hits a little too close to home.

DON’T LIE TO ME is the first book in the Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series and can be read as a standalone.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


One Perfect Line

by Christine Roney

Ollie Ivers is on a book tour and Ellie Baye is excited that he’s coming to her bookstore to read from his newest book. He’s a popular author and draws big crowds. But things go terribly wrong at the book signing when the police burst in and arrest Ollie for the murder of Alice Nells.

Who is Alice Nells? Did Ollie kill her? If not, who did? Ellie is determined to find out.

One Perfect Line is a fast-paced mystery full of twists and turns. It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book or as part of the Ellie Baye Mystery Series.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths



by John Oehler

1st PLACE WINNER & GOLD MEDAL AWARD! This is the chilling story of Dan Lovel and partner, Martine, who discover a centuries-old secret – one so fundamental, it could upend western civilization and end in global apocalypse. “I can’t remember the last time I was so thoroughly engrossed.” Utterly gripping. … plunged into breathtaking action … led into the mysterious Gypsy culture.”

EX LIBRIS is an international, political/crime thriller. It will take you to Prague, some of eastern Europe’s darkest corners, and Paris. Readers love the heart-stopping pace and the characters, from the Blind Painter, to Dan with Roma (Gypsy) heritage that proves vital, to Jade, the assassin who never failed.

This is the book that will not only keep you up at night but will make you forget to eat!

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime


The South Bank Murders

by Biba Pearce

His mentor slain. A detective out for revenge. A criminal mastermind always one step ahead.

Detective Rob Miller is at home with his crying newborn son when he gets the news. His friend and mentor retired Chief Superintendent Lawrence has been shot dead. Lawrence had always been his rock.

Rob is devastated. An hour ago Lawrence had called to ask him to meet, but Rob couldn’t go because he was on daddy duty.

Now he will hunt down the killer — but his boss thinks he’s too emotionally involved.

This time it’s personal, but it’s not the only murder Rob’s got on his plate.

The body of a young man is found on the south bank of the Thames near the London Eye with an unusual stamp on his wrist. Are the two killings related?

His baby won’t sleep. His partner needs him. Can he be there for them and bring a killer to justice?

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Silencio! (Dev Haskell Private Investigator Book 30) (Dev Haskell – Private Investigator)

by Mike Faricy

Local crime lord Tubby Gustafson wants P.I. Dev Haskell to look into financier Casper Trickle because Tubby may want to invest. Dev just met Melissa Donnelly online and she’s interested in him but her ex-husband, Lawrence is a stalker with a restraining order. Dev has his hands full and crime lord Gustafson is about to add to the pressure.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


The Choices: A Treasure Hunt Thriller

by Alan Moss

A Ph. D geology student theorizes an asteroid created a fortune in hidden diamonds. When she discovers her business partner and financier is of questionable character, she escapes to Canada to plan an expedition to mine the stones.

Gary Levin arrives in the same Canadian village to mourn the loss of his wife, senselessly murdered during a white supremacist shooting. He soon finds a wounded golden retriever and a flash drive of unknown origin.

Puzzled by information on the flash drive, Levin learns the data could guide mining the fortune in diamonds from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. Although there is danger diving and mining the waters and evidence of opposition plotting their demise, the lure of the diamonds and the opulence they represent are too much to resist.

Levin and his companions crisscross the globe in a race to obtain the diamonds before the spurned financier and an approaching hurricane can disrupt their efforts.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


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