by Willow Rose

“Urgently timely.”- Kirkus Reviews

They think she’s a monster, but she’s their only hope…

In a divided nation, 14-year-old Jetta belongs nowhere. Her face is split right down the middle: half-black and half-white. The non-white residents of her New Orleans camp call her a demon. The white oppressors who took over during the 2nd American Civil War have called her much worse…

After years as an outcast, Jetta uncovers her true heritage as the daughter of an African storm god and a Finnish death goddess. As she attempts to harness her terrible new abilities to turn the tide in the war, trouble comes to those she tries to help. Only Jetta has the power to heal her divided homeland… or destroy everything in her path…

Girl Divided is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel infused with magical forces. If you like immersive worlds, strong characters, and a tale that reads like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King combined, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s provocative story.

Buy Girl Divided now to destroy a divided dystopia today!

“In short, exciting chapters, prolific thriller writer Rose (Waltzing Matilda, 2018, etc.) spins an action-fantasy yarn with a hot-button premise that will strike some readers as urgently timely…An incendiary tale featuring mythic and realistic elements.” – Kirkus Reviews

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Category: Suspense



by Maureen Carter

BOOK 1: A QUESTION OF DESPAIR Detective Inspector Sarah Quinn is called. Baby Evie’s mother is in pieces. But she seems unwilling to help. What isn’t she telling them?

BOOK 2: MOTHER LOVE Schoolteacher Olivia Kent hasn’t been seen for five days. Then a horrifying note arrives at the police station: “Olivia Kent is lying. Olivia Kent is crying. Olivia Kent is dying.

BOOK 3: DYING BAD A man is beaten so badly even his own mother wouldn’t know him. There are no leads to follow. Then another victim’s put in a coma. Vicious violence on the streets of Birmingham and only Detective Inspector Sarah Quinn has a grip on it.

16 year old Caitlin Reynolds doesn’t come home from school. Detective Inspector Sarah Quinn soon realizes this is no ordinary missing persons case.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


The Secret of the Chateau (The Kate Benedict Series Book 7)

by Carrie Bedford

Architect Kate Benedict escapes rainy London to the Burgundy countryside to advise the owner of a chateau and winery on rebuilding his tasting room. She spots the man’s aura, a prediction of death within a few days when he drops to the floor, shot by an unseen assailant. And his son and assistant seem to be next!

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Last Cabin Girl

by Tom Swyers

She’ll risk everything to catch a killer.

At the outset of the pandemic, waitress Josie Thompson wants a fresh start far from her abusive husband, the confining small town she calls home, and along-held secret her family refuses to disclose.

But Josie isn’t going anywhere. After murder victims turn up floating in the river near her isolated cabin, the FBI charges her in one of the killings. Though she’s freed on bond, charges for the other deaths loom. The FBI thinks she’s a serial killer.

If convicted, she faces life in prison and a future forever apart from her two kids. Josie can’t let that happen. She must venture out of her comfort zone to prove her innocence, even if it means confronting her issues, including a growing fear of COVID-19.

In a town where things aren’t what they seem and few can be trusted, can Josie clear her name, or will her own dark secrets be her undoing?

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Category: Thrillers – Crime



by William Bernhardt

A struggling lawyer. A bitter custody battle. A deadly fire. This case could cost Kenzi her career—and her life.

Kenzi Rivera is furious. Passed over for promotion at her own father’s firm, the talented divorce lawyer is tired of fighting chauvinism every single day. When a desperate scientist begs for help getting her daughter back, Kenzi can’t resist…even though this client is involved in Hexitel, a group she calls her religion but others call a cult.

Kenzi uncovers evidence of disturbing practices at Hexitel involving large sums of money, servitude, and sex. She also learns her client’s lab has been plagued by death threats and cutthroat competition. After the workplace burns to the ground and her client is charged with murder, the ambitious attorney knows there is much more at stake than a simple custody dispute.

Can Kenzi find a path to the truth before she’s trapped in a maze of death?

Splitsville is the dramatic first book in the Splitsville Legal Thriller series. If you like gutsy heroines, diverse characters, and page-turning suspense, then you’ll love William Bernhardt’s twisty tale.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


Flight of the Tarantula Hawk

by Michael Allan Scott

An investigative reporter, she’s tough and smart. Her husband, a hardnosed homicide detective who won’t give up. The first corpse, a Realtor found murdered in a vacant house, her body decomposing, her mind adrift. A freelance crime scene photographer, who saw it through the eyes of a Tarantula Hawk.

Outside the box of King and Koontz, it’s one of a new breed of mystery thrillers. As seen on NBC. Dark. Different. A serial killer thriller or a ghostly murder mystery, you decide.

An IndieReader Best Book of the year, with action and characters you won’t soon forget, it’s one of the stand-alone Lance Underphal mystery thrillers. Hard to put down, this one may keep you up nights guessing. Take your imagination on a dark trip – Flight of the Tarantula Hawk.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


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