Stalking the Crow

by Howard Schwartz

Private investigator Tony Crow thinks it’s just another case when his former police sergeant calls him to identify a dead body. He quickly realizes it’s anything but routine, when he discovers who the victim is.

A note found on the body propels Tony into pursuit of a sadistic killer whose intent is to destroy Tony’s life. The mystery man is out for revenge and a single death won’t satisfy him. It’s not just Tony himself who is in deadly peril, but all his loved ones.

With his former colleagues on the police force as his occasional allies and sometime opponents, the tension quickly escalates as each new clue is revealed.

In Tony’s toughest case yet, he must use all his investigation skills to confront the demons of his own past and stop the killer before more lives are lost.

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives

A Hair Raising Blowout (The Teasen & Pleasen Hair Salon Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

by Constance Barker

When a hairstylist finds the dead body of a girl in a small Southern town, she’s thrown into a world of secrets and lies.

Savannah Jefferies is used to good gossip. Owner of the Teasen & Pleasen Hair Salon in the heart of Louisiana, she’s used to big hair, Southern style, and tall tales of the latest town scandal. But her quiet life is turned on its head when Savannah finds an upstanding member of the community murdered outside her salon in cold blood. Savannah investigates, only to find that her pleasant, cute town is just a façade, and that there’s more deception than truth in the lives of its residents. As the case intensifies, Savannah finds herself dealing with a bad blowout, a man who might lose a limb, and a woman scorned, leading to a firefight the village of Knockemstiff will never forget.

Desperate Housewives marries GCB in this exciting murder mystery full of humor, suspense, and moonshine. Readers will be laughing aloud and gasping in shock while enjoying A Hair Raising Blowout, the first book in a stunning new thriller series by Constance Barker.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

White Star

by James Thayer

The world’s two deadliest snipers hunt each other, playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Owen Gray is a legendary Marine Corps sniper with 96 kills—the most in Corps history–but he has retired from the military and is now a federal prosecutor in New York City. Although he believes his sniper days are behind him, those around him start to die — all victims have the same calling card: a single shot fired from seemingly impossible distances.

Nikolai Trusov is a Russian spetsnaz sniper bested by Gray years ago. Now the Russian is back and wants his revenge.

More innocents will die unless Owen picks up his rifle once again and faces Trusov. The American sniper will lead the Russian into the Idaho wilderness for a duel to the death.

“Cracking thriller that pits sniper against sniper.” — Guardian (U.K.)

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

Death’s Door

by David Reichart

Elite combat veteran Jesse Yates is used to things being simple: find the enemy and kill him. But when his country opts out of the fight, Yates opts out of the military. Now he just wants to be a regular guy and fit back into society. But he’s not a regular guy, and this is America, 2016, overregulated and stressed out, where every act seems to involve a risky set of consequences.

Jesse needs a job after quickly washing out as a trucker, and Palm Court Detectives can provide the two things he wants more than anything right now—a chance for the occasional thrill and a close-knit team like the ones he always had in the military.

Yates could have picked a better first assignment than driving an 18-wheeler again to draw out hijackers, but he’s not the kind of guy who questions his marching orders. Devotion to duty and supreme confidence soon put the rookie private eye in the middle of a turf war between hijackers who he likes, outlaw bikers who like him (or what he can do for them) and a drug cartel renegade with a severe Jesse Yates problem.

He gets drawn into a toxic plot so fast and so deep that every move he makes is a crap shoot, based on pure instinct. When Yates finds himself once again at death’s door but this time deeply involved in a conspiracy with potential for massive civilian casualties, he’s going to have to make one more precise decision and fall back hard on his extreme training and lethal skills. But in this fight, for the first time, Jesse Yates is on his own.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

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