Seven, eight … Gonna stay up late

by Willow Rose

A hair-raising thriller from an Amazon Bestselling Author!

She thought she could keep it a secret.

Just fourteen years old, Amalie thought she could take off and go to the festival with her best friend without anyone knowing it – without her parents finding out. She thought she was safe when she met a man offering her drugs; she thought she was safe when she went alone to her tent to take the pills. However, when she opened her eyes and found herself in the man’s basement, she knew she was not safe anymore.

She was trapped.

Seven, Eight … Gonna stay up late is the fourth novel in Willow Rose’s Bestselling series about the Danish journalist Rebekka Franck.

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Category: Suspense


The Inside Man

by M. A. Rothman

“If you like Jack Reacher or Dirk Pitt, you must meet Levi Yoder.” (New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson): Principled fixer Levi must find a mob boss’s kidnapped granddaughter while clearing his name of murder in this “riveting” thriller (Kirkus Reviews).

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Mission Senator

by Charlie Wolfe

A Deadly bomb threatens to destroy Washington, D.C…
“Le Docteur”, who is now masquerading as a Canadian professor named Jacques Deleau, clings to his obsession to avenge the “evil deeds” done by the enemies of Islam wherever they may be. This time his target is the leader of the free world: The United States of America…
In order to carry out a deadly attack that will bring America to its knees, he collaborates with a corrupt, racist politician and a female pilot in the US Air Force. Together, they devise an ingenious plan to acquire a coveted atomic bomb capable of annihilating all of Washington.
David Avivi, a senior Mossad operative pursuing the elusive ‘professor’, manages to uncover the link between him and the air force pilot.
With the world’s greatest symbol of democracy facing a monstrous, unprecedented assault, Avivi will not rest until he succeeds in stopping the diabolical plot.

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Category: Thrillers – Political


The Dagger Of Apollonia

by Oren Hefetz

A single dagger has the power to change the course of history

Georgios, a young Roman man, receives an unexpected gift from his father, a mysterious dagger acquired during his travels to faraway lands. The weapon sparks his untamable curiosity and sets him off on an extraordinary journey.

Georgios accidentally finds himself amid political intrigues, messianic machinations, and supernatural powers, which threaten to disrupt the existing order of life.

1800 years later, Tal, a young university student, during a walk along the coast, discovers a mysterious new reality. Soon, he becomes the leader of an ancient order, responsible for preserving the delicate balance of powers in the Middle East.

Would Georgios and Tal accomplish the mission of a lifetime and defend everything they discovered, or is the entire region on the brink of entering a new, dangerous reality?

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Category: Mystery – Historical


New Orleans Mourning

by Julie Smith

Winner of the 1991 Edgar Allan Poe Award for best novel, New Orleans Mourning introduces former New Orleans debutante and current rookie cop Skip Langdon as she investigates the murder of a prominent civic leader. The novel falls deliciously between the psychological suspense of Laura Lippman and the delicate drama of Tennessee Williams.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


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