Eenie, Meenie

by Willow Rose

Johnny is a criminal. He has been locked up before – but never in a place quite like this. Now he wonders if he will ever make it through to his release date – alive…

EENIE, MEENIE is a 15,000 word thriller novella from Willow Rose, author of the International Bestselling horror-series starring the Danish reporter Rebekka Franck. It is not for the faint at heart.

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Category: Suspense


Strawberries and Strangers

by Leena Clover

First in a 14 book bestselling cozy mystery series that has entertained thousands! Recently divorced baker Jenny King sifts through a pound of clues and red herrings to catch the killer in this fast paced page turner. If you like cozy mysteries featuring strong women, yummy food and a dash of romance, you will love this series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Hunt for Power

by Joe Ettle

An ancient mystery . . . a desperate plea for help . . . a dangerous obsession . . .

All he was trying to do was get home. But instead, Rex Fletcher is caught up in a dangerous race to unravel one of the oldest secrets of the world. With a motley group of companions, Rex must travel across Europe and stay one step of ahead of a megalomaniac intent on reshaping history in his image. Can Rex solve the clues, save an old friend’s life, and rediscover what was once lost? Or will he be forced to watch as the power of the gods falls into the wrong hands?

The Hunt for Power follows the exploits of A.R.R.O.W. (Artifact Recovery and Repatriation Organization Worldwide) agent Rex Fletcher on another daring mission.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical



by J. Luke Bennecke

What if terrorists put genetically modified viruses into our drinking water? When Californians start getting sick with flu-like symptoms, civil engineer Jake Bendel once again partners with the FBI to discover the cause. With his new desalination plants behind schedule and searing pressure from the California Governor, Jake uncovers a secret network of vengeful terrorists planning Nazi-level genetic modifications. But before the engineer can find a way to cure the masses, he himself is injected with the virus, forcing him to dig deep to track down the leader of the terrorist group. The clock is ticking. Can they stop the terrorists and save millions of people? A thought-provoking thriller about a very real threat to the essence of life: water.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism


Disappearing The Dead

by KJ Sutherland

From the vineyards of Germany to the Alps of Switzerland, a military lawyer sets out to learn the connection between the murder of his client’s bride and the disappearance of a Gulf War fighter pilot.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal


The Columbus Letter: An Iris Dittmeyer Mystery

by Susan Flowers

Iris Dittmeyer’s life is losing its luster. The retired widow needs a distraction after her granddaughter’s daycare enrollment means she’s no longer needed for babysitting. The discovery of an acclaimed Columbus letter in a battered filing cabinet provides just the mystery she’s been craving. But when her new diversion turns deadly, it’s up to Iris to find the killer—before her family becomes his next target.

Giovanni di Caro claims knowledge about historic documents and, and with a little coaxing, he agrees to assist Iris in the investigation. The charming Italian considers himself a craftsman, but the international authorities have another name for Giovanni. He’s the notorious forger of Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius.

They’re a mismatched duo from opposite sides of the world. She’s an early riser, a tea drinker, and a busybody. He’s a night owl, coffee devotee, and country music fan. Their relationship?

It depends on who you ask.

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Category: Mystery – Series