Diamonds, Teak, and Murder

by A. M. Ialacci

Upon the sudden deaths of her parents in a car accident, credit fraud investigator Allie Fox traded her fast-paced life in Chicago for a boatyard bookkeeping job in sleepy Carteret County, North Carolina. It is a huge transition, especially as she is now the sole caregiver for her younger autistic brother. But when the yard foreman mysteriously ends up dead at work, she can’t resist being pulled into the mystery.

The deeper she digs, the more secrets she unravels, and the killer turns his sights on her, and even worse, her brother.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

A Shot of Murder (A Charley Hall Mystery, book 1)

by Brenda Gayle

She’s a reporter with a nose for trouble. But when the story is murder, will she end up above the fold or buried in the back?

1948, Ontario, Canada: Charley Hall knows she’s a better reporter than any man in the newsroom. Frustrated to be demoted to the women’s pages so her job on the city beat can be given to a returning soldier, she refocuses her energy into locating her brother who disappeared after his latest bender. She’s horrified when her search leads to the woman last seen with him, found dead with a bullet in her neck.

Driven to catch the killer and clear her brother’s name, Charley encounters a mysterious cop from out of town who’s showing an intense interest in the case. But as she uncovers the victim’s murky past, tracking down the shooter could land the gritty journalist in the obituaries.

Can this plucky dame prove her investigative skills and live to tell the tale?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Rigged for Murder (A Charley Hall Mystery, book 2)

by Brenda Gayle

When Charley Hall’s childhood friend, Dan Cannon, is found standing over the badly beaten body of his old rowing team nemesis, she hires former Toronto police detective-turned private eye, Mark Spadina, to help her prove Dan’s innocence. While he accepts the job, Mark isn’t convinced the police haven’t already got the right man.

Diving into unchartered waters, Charley finds out the dead man was her father’s best friend and rowing partner. So why did Dan hate him so much?

When the boat her parents had been sailing the day they drowned twenty-five years before mysteriously reappears, the past threatens to sink Charley in a tidal wave of questions. She has to find out the truth. Were her parents’ deaths really an accident? And what is the connection to Dan?

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The Complete Talba Wallis Series: Vol. 1-4 (The Talba Wallis Series)

by Julie Smith

Now you can get the entire 4-book Talba Wallis series by Edgar-Award winning author Julie Smith (plus bonus short story) at an irresistible price. Talba, aka poetess Baroness de Pontalba, has the beauty, the brains, the computer savvy, the poetic soul, the youth, the right demographic, and the sass. Eddie Valentino’s got the detective agency. Also a short fuse and yes, wisdom. Not only do they make it work, they’ve got chemistry.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


by Rebecca Bradley

Can’t find her. Can’t catch him. Can’t trust anyone. Detective Claudia Nunn’s colleague DS Dominic Harrison has been leading the case against a dangerous serial killer, who hunts his victims using a dating app. But now his own wife has gone missing. Then a large pool of blood is discovered in their garage. And Dominic is the prime suspect. Is Dominic being framed by a serial killer or will Claudia expose an even uglier truth? Can’t tell a soul how it ends.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


by Dan Latus

Looking for a new crime thriller series to get stuck into? Look no further! For a limited time only books 1-5 in the Frank Doy thriller series is 0.99! That’s FIVE heart-pounding crime thrillers in one great-value box set starring Frank Doy, a quick-thinking, fast-talking security consultant turned private investigator. Included in this five-book box set: RISKY MISSION, OUT OF THE NIGHT, A DEATH AT SOUTH GARE, LIVING DANGEROUSLY and ONE DAMN THING AFTER ANOTHER.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Shrouded Memory

by Krista Wagner

What You Don’t Remember Can Hurt You

Rian Field has it all. A thriving career as a marine biologist, a loving husband, and a loyal circle of friends. But after surviving a shark attack, she becomes strangely haunted by disturbing memories where two masked men held her hostage in her own home.

Before long, nightmares begin to plague her, her friends start acting suspiciously, and she’s convinced that there are fragments from the past that she can’t remember, important clues that could save her life.

Then someone breaks into her home. Again. Convinced that the shark attack is somehow connected to the masked men, she experiences a renewed sense of terror as the culprits appear to be among those she trusts. Because they are watching her every move. They aren’t finished with the past. They know about her fear of sharks. And they will use that fear against her until she’s dead.

Rian must overcome her fear of sharks and uncover the truth before the past buries her once and for all.

A psychological thriller that deals with the realities of trauma and PTSD.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological



A three-book collection of baffling mysteries to be solved by a feisty blind lady and her no-nonsense Shih-tzu Vanilla.

Lucille Pfiffer sees, but not with her eyes.
She lives with her beloved dog in a cozy neighborhood that is quite “active” due to what occurred in the distant past. Though totally blind, she plays an integral role in helping to solve pressing and puzzling mysteries, one right after the other, which, without her, might remain unsolved.

The question is: How can she do any of that with such a handicap?


Blind Sight – Book One
Blind Escape – Book Two
Blind Justice – Book Three

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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