Run For Your Life

by C. M. Sutter

With the weekend right around the corner, Homicide Detective Mitch Cannon is looking forward to Saturday night. It isn’t often he has a date, and this one will be particularly interesting. His new friend Liza is beautiful, edgy, outspoken, and somewhat odd.

But Mitch’s usual Friday-morning phone call to his mom sets the wheels in motion for five days of pure hell. Mitch’s sister, Marie, has gone missing without a trace. His date is canceled, and Mitch’s partner, Devon, and Liza also go missing the following night. The only clue is a call Mitch gets from someone whose number is blocked, the anonymous speaker saying, “Ticktock, ticktock.”

Mitch and the entire Habersham precinct set out on a white-knuckle search to find his sister, partner, and new friend before time runs out and all three are gone forever.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Flirting with Death

by Patricia Grasso

Zara Romano is a mortician who one night she finds the mayor hanging from a tree at a local park. His blood was drained via two puncture wounds on his neck.When she discovers two more bodies in the same condition, Zara’s own investigative instincts kick in, & she searches for the link between the three victims. Does Salem have a vampire in its midst or a serial killer with a fetish for fang marks? More importantly is Zara marked as the murderer’s next victim or is she merely flirting with death?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Carolina Dance

by Alex Cage

They took his peace and quiet. He’ll pay them back in fists and bullets…

Minding his own business and living the civilian life in Charlotte, North Carolina should be a breeze for a man who wants nothing more than to live a quiet life. When he’s wrongfully arrested, he’s certain things will be sorted out—and he’ll be free to go—in no time. Except nothing is as it seems, and when the FBI enters the case, things go from bad to deadly.

Proving himself innocent might be more than he can manage, but he teams up with a local cop and learns of missing women, missing money, and a missing officer.

It’ll take all of Black’s martial arts skills, his smarts from his time in the special forces, and his knowledge from every case he’s worked to keep innocent civilians safe and uncover a criminal conspiracy. In the end, the only thing protecting his city is a handful of good cops and Black—but a brutal mastermind will stop at nothing to take them all out.

Carolina Dance is the heart-stopping first book in the Orlando Black series. This action-packed adventure will have you looking over your shoulder and turning pages to the very end. Perfect for fans of authors including Lee Child and Mark Greaney.

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Category: Suspense


Spree: An International Adventure Novel

by Nellie Neeman

He barely survived a killing spree. Now he’s on a mission to prevent the deadliest attack in U.S. history . . .

Jon Steadman is desperate for closure. After the love of his life dies in a campus bombing, his relentless quest for answers reveals bizarre violent incidents involving other unsuspecting students. When copycat blasts add to the tragic body count, he’s certain he’s stumbled on a lethal conspiracy.

Teaming up with his best friend and pursuing a theory connecting the genetic dots, Steadman finds every avenue blocked by powerful people ready to kill to protect their secrets. As his hunt takes him across the globe, he exposes a sinister terrorist plot known only as The Event.

Can one ordinary man step up and stop ruthless killers from executing a devastating catastrophe?

SPREE is a story of one man’s battle to overcome the wounds of the past and find redemption in fighting for what’s right. An action-packed thriller, SPREE takes the reader on a whirlwind ride of unexpected twists and turns until the very last page.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Mediums & Murder

by Elle Wren Burke

She never wanted the Sight. But some things can’t be unseen…
Alara Beatty leads a safe and snug life in Prickly Pear, Arizona, where she’s able to keep her secret psychic powers just where she likes them—limited to listening to dogs complain about the lack of steak in their bowls. But when one of Alara’s close coworkers is stabbed at their desk in the early morning, she is overcome by a powerful vision of her friend’s final moments.
Alara knows her psychic abilities could help find the killer, but people treat you kind of funny if you go around telling them you’ve seen your dead friend. Plus it’s not like she can conjure the visions up on demand. But when long-lost Aunt Irene turns up unexpectedly, she brings a stunning revelation—they both come from a long line of psychic talent. And Aunt Irene has experience tracking down criminals…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Brother’s Curse (The Brother’s Curse Saga Book 1)

by Christine M. Germain

A year after the brutal death of her parents, Crystal Francois moves back home to the eerie small town of Lakeview Falls. When one of her neighbors goes away abruptly leaving his home to be watched by a young man named Jason Warwick, Crystal finds herself falling for him instantly because of his charming ways and dashing good looks.

Two weeks before her 25th birthday, she receives a rare antique purple amethyst stone necklace that is left for her by her late mother; A necklace with a deadly past and horrible consequences when worn.

She finds out that wearing the necklace causes her and her friends to be the target for two sadistic tyrannical evil 18th-century old Shapeshifter brothers who will not stop till they find her and retrieve the chariot stone necklace that holds their father and 24 demonic Shapeshifters captive.

When young men from town go missing, and bodies showing up eaten or skinned alive. Lakeview Falls is on high alert. It doesn’t take long for Crystal to discover that the new guy in town isn’t who he claims to be or if he is even human.

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Category: Mystery – Series