Bakersfield Boys Club

by Anne S Da Vigo

“True crime and murder mystery readers alike will find Bakersfield Boys Club a riveting winner.” –Midwest Book Review

“Because of the fantastic plot, amazing writing style, and phenomenal characters, I rate Bakersfield Boys Club 4 out of 4.” –Online Book Club

Prize-winning author Anne Da Vigo returns with an addictive novel of psychological suspense about one woman’s battle against a sinister clique of powerful men who’ve corrupted her son.

It’s 1978 in Bakersfield,California, where oil is king and country music rules. Suzanne, a widow struggling to raise her teenage son Danny, discovers the stabbed and beaten body of her neighbor, Reggie. Early on, Danny is a suspect, but police back off when The Club, a secretive group of powerful men, shields the boy.

As Danny is drawn ever more tightly into The Club’s coils, Suzanne risks everything–home, job, and a second chance at love–to save her son.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


by W.F. van der Hart

A talented software programmer gets kidnapped in Saint-Petersburg. Meanwhile, in New York, Dave Wilson’s life is about to change dramatically. The journalist is thrilled with his new assignment: an article about a new drug that allegedly can stop the aging process, rejuvenate the body and increase the human lifespan significantly. While learning about the impressive advances of science, he decides to do the unthinkable. His life changes, but not everything changes the way he had hoped. Dave gets sucked into an intricate web of crime, greed and genius evil.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

The Celtic Dagger

by Jill Paterson

When Professor Alexander Wearing is found dead in his study, DCI Fitzjohn pursues the killer with Alex’s brother, James, as a key suspect.

Compelled to clear himself of suspicion, James starts his own investigation and ultimately uncovers long-hidden secrets about his brother’s life that could easily be the very reason he was murdered.

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Necromancer – Complete Series: The Necromancer, Witchy Woman, Magical Legacy

by Pamela Richter

THE NECROMANCER SERIES- 3 complete novels
1 The Necromancer – Michelle is attacked by a mysterious man known as the Necromancer
2. Witchy Woman She discovers she has magical abilities,
3. Can magical abilities be passed on to the next generation?

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Category: Mystery – Series

Merry Farm

by Henrik Wilenius

To avenge her mother’s death, a young aspiring journalist breaks into an egg farm and stumbles upon a cover-up of bird flu, but when a runaway farm worker is found half-dead at the roadside with the virus, he gets framed for infecting the livestock. Alex turns to his best friends Hashim and Maryam for help, and together they decide to go hiding until they figure out what to do next. As the deadly virus starts to spread undetected among the displaced workers of the egg farm and beyond, Merry Farm sends a team of killers to hunt them down. However, the three best friends must first come to terms with their past in order to find what it takes to expose the callous cover-up and stop the virus before it turns into a pandemic.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies