Eenie, Meenie

by Willow Rose

Johnny is a criminal. He has been locked up before – but never in a place quite like this. Now he wonders if he will ever make it through to his release date – alive…

EENIE, MEENIE is a 15,000 word thriller novella from Willow Rose, author of the International Bestselling horror-series starring the Danish reporter Rebekka Franck. It is not for the faint at heart.

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Category: Suspense


The Legend of Devil’s Creek

by D.C. Alexander

#1 Amazon best seller. A redemption-seeking police captain and a group of college students confront fundamental causes of evil as the tranquility of their remote island community is shattered by a series of grisly murders mirroring those of a century-old ghost story born in the island’s dark and violent past.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals


Kate Benedict Cozy British Mysteries Vol 1-4 (The Kate Benedict Series)

by Carrie Bedford

Kate Benedict is an architect at a firm in London with a penchant for sleuthing, even if it means landing her in the middle of the wrong place at the wrong time. But she has something else going for her—the ability to see a death-predicting aura over the people around her. And she just can’t help but help them avoid the unthinkable—at all costs.

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Category: Mystery – African American


Chicago Leo

by Laikyn Meng

Do you wish to know about the loan shark of Chicago Leo?
Is there desperation in your veins to understand my claim to fame?
Are you thirsty for the dollars that sleep beneath my bed? Or which men I stepped on to gain this authority?
Come closer as I whisper, watch as my secrets fall from these burgundy stained lips.

Darling, stick around; I’ve only just begun.

Roulette was born to rule; it wasn’t in her blood but in her belief. No one dares to cross her allegiance; it’s a reckoning that leaves a deadly reminder. Plenty try and tempt her empire. Many fail, claimed by the shadows of Las Vegas.

One thing is for sure, where the Empress resides, money thrives.

Until a threat too big comes with a heartbeat, and she’ll have to decide who wins or dies.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime


Broomsticks and Board Games

by Amy McNulty

Dahlia Poplar is a genuine witch, an unofficial gofer, and Luna Lane’s only cursed resident.

With a werewolf best friend, a vampire ex-boyfriend, and a ghost for a hanger-on, Dahlia is far from the most unusual dweller of her sleepy small town, but she’s the only one unable to leave. Dahlia has to perform at least one good deed per day—or she’s one step closer to turning to stone.

Fortunately, the residents of Luna Lane have plenty of tasks for Dahlia to complete to avert the curse until Cable Woodward, fetching professor and nephew of her elderly neighbor, stops by for the semester on sabbatical. Attempting to help Cable’s uncle work through the trauma of losing his wife, Dahlia uncovers the man’s collection of board games, which leads to him reminiscing about the long-forgotten Luna Lane Games Club.

Dahlia reestablishes Games Club, only to find evidence of a number of horrible demises connected to the original group. While trying to uncover the truth about the deaths, Dahlia has to fight off her curse, protect her elderly neighbor from becoming the next victim, and most vexing of all, keep Cable from figuring out Luna Lane’s supernatural secrets. Only with eerie board games like these, there may not be a loser—or even a winner—who survives.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Enchantments and Escape Rooms

by Amy McNulty

Dahlia’s hopes for a more peaceful existence don’t last when a childhood friend moves back to Luna Lane to open up an escape room.

With the Spooky Games Club thriving, Dahlia decides to help her friend by using her magic to quickly get his business up and running. Dahlia’s enchantments accomplish the task, but before the Games Club has a chance to enjoy the new attraction, a test of the escape room results in a freak, fatal accident. Riddled with guilt, Dahlia wonders where her enchantments went wrong—or if there’s something more to the disaster.

The only way to divine whether or not the death was her fault, the result of an accident, or murder is to investigate—and perhaps even play the dangerous game herself. In this one-hour escape room, failure to escape could mean death, not just for Dahlia, but for those she holds most dear.

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Grasp of the Night

by Sadaf Zulfikar

Alice has lost everything—her family, her memory, and even her true identity. Alone, she has knit lies around her, to ward off constant fear of the unknown. In an unforeseen circumstance, her world collides with her neighbor’s boyfriend, Derek. The air between them draws them closer with each passing day, but Alice knows that they can’t be together—not when she owes her heart to a man from her previous life. Meanwhile, a cult that calls themselves Grasp, re-summon a demon to prey on lonely innocents each night. Now they’re after Alice, leaving a trail of blood in their wake. Alice needs to find out why, but to do so she must uncover her past. Will the secrets of Alice’s past turn out to be a solution or a life-threatening problem with no escape?

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Category: Suspense


Tune Up: The Secrets of Mylin – Book I

by Joe Klingler

On their second case, Qigiq and Kandy are loaned to the Traffic Division to investigate an early morning hit-and-run. By a motorcycle.

The victim is an elderly Asian woman. Witnesses suggest all “accidents” aren’t created equal.

Then the Captain delivers a new assignment: an affluent Bay Area lawyer is missing. The man’s wife stomps into their office screaming about a contract she found hidden in their home computer. A contract with a seven-figure payout, and an incriminating Exhibit A

Following the trail of both the motorcycle rider and the lawyer with Kandy complaining, “we’re homicide detectives, there should be a body,” leads to a vintage motorcycle club where lips are sealed, a yacht harbor where riddles run deep, and a roadside confrontation that ends with a splash. As the trails twist they soon find one thing in common:

A violist named Mylin. Young. Attractive. And illegal.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Burn Up: The Secrets of Mylin – Book II

by Joe Klingler

A fugitive slips away while Qigiq and Kandy investigate a desert cremation they suspect was designed to destroy evidence. As they attempt to tie up loose ends on their last case, they dodge infernos of destruction only to arrive at a concert where a member of the audience is murdered—putting them on a collision course with the FBI.
The Feds want them out of the way. Captain Jasik wants them on an unexplained death involving a wealthy venture capitalist, a beautiful woman, and a wall safe filled with cash—standing open.
From black rock desert to a penthouse in San Francisco, the glitter of heavy metal concerts to the desolation of street busking without a home, Burn Up moves like a scirocco-stoked wildfire through the world of concert promotion, high-stakes finance, and fast motorcycle chases as Qigiq realizes, once again, that one picture can truly reveal much more than 1,000 words

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