Dyeing Season

by Karen MacInerney

The eggs aren’t the only things dyeing in Buttercup…

It’s springtime on Dewberry Farm, and homesteader Lucy Resnick is busy putting together her wares for the Easter Market. She’s just finished potting the last of her herb starts when a tornado rips through her farm, destroying her crops, scattering her livestock and tearing up the barn. As Lucy searches for two kids lost in the storm, she makes a grisly discovery: her neighbor’s home health aide, Eva, strangled with a hand-knitted scarf.

While investigating the young woman’s death, Lucy discovers that blood isn’t always thicker than water… and that somebody may be taking advantage of the town’s more vulnerable citizens. When a second body turns up, drowned in a vat of dye, the whole town is walking on eggshells. Will Lucy find the killer in time?

Or has dyeing season just begun?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Midnight Owl (Joe Leverette Mysteries Book 1)

by Viv Drewa

The dismembered body of a young woman is found, each grisly part discovered separately by a member of the community. Detectives Joe Leverette and Philip Marsden are assigned the case, but the outlook is grim, with eerie dreams and hooting owls putting their witnesses on edge.

When Carole Sage joins the team, the police are eager to use her gift of ‘second sight’ to gain an advantage. Will the young sensitive help crack the case, or will she become the murderer’s next victim?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Broken Inn

by A.W. Baldwin

The mob, undercover agents, and secret payloads make Broken Inn a dangerous place for a fresh reporter, a newspaper photographer, and a moonshining hermit.

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Category: Suspense


The Sacred Weapon

by M.C. Roberts and R.F. Maclay

Stolen relics, a mysterious power with an evil plan and allies with questionable allegiances.
The Notre Dame fire, the theft of the Shroud of Turin and a terrorist attack on the legendary Meteora monasteries are just the beginning. Fear has gripped Europe.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies


Cost of Arrogance

by H. Mitchell Caldwell

Jake Clearwater is a law professor and a former prosecutor who is urged by the Death Penalty Project to help stem the tide of wrongful death convictions in California. Clearwater agrees to represent Duane Durgeon, who has been convicted of a double murder. He is a huge, hulking, hard-boiled bad-ass, who, against the advice of his counsel, demanded to address the jury during the sentencing phase of his trial. Getting his wish, he insults the judge, his lawyers, the prosecutors, and the jury in a profanity-laced rant that ends with him asking for the death penalty.

Despite Durgeon’s despicable persona and indifference to his fate, Clearwater convinces the reluctant man to appeal and wins a retrial where Clearwater is pitted against his former boss and bitter foe, prosecutor John Tice. What follows is a riveting tale of courtroom drama, suspense, and the exquisite workings of law and, ultimately, justice.

The first in the Jake Clearwater series. The second book is currently available for preorder.

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Category: Thrillers – Legal



by G.P. Gottlieb

When Whipped and Sipped Café proprietor Alene Baron finds a dead body next door, she calls the police and dashes home — to make soup for her family. Alene is 38 and divorced, living in a Chicago high rise with her father and children. She wonders if the murderer is an ex-spouse, a neighbor, or one of her employees. Then someone batters two more people who are connected to the café. There’s another mystery, closer to Alene’s heart: Is the lead detective going to take her seriously?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Death by Leprechaun: A Saint Patrick’s Day Murder in Dublin

by Jennifer S. Alderson

A long-awaited escape to Ireland turns sour when a friend is arrested in Dublin. Tour guide Lana Hansen will need the luck of the Irish to sleuth out the real killer’s identity!

Treat yourself to a virtual vacation and pick up this Saint Patrick’s Day cozy mystery today! Or read the entire Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series for free via Kindle Unlimited.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy