Festive Fonts and Fowl Murder

by Lisa Pevey

When a game warden is found dead in the swamp, it will be up to a local lettering artist to get to the bottom of his murder. This cozy but thrilling mystery set in bayou country will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Secret They Kept The complete box set : A nerve-shredding, up-all-night psychological thriller box set

by J.S. Ellis

Emily Clarke thought her dreams were coming true. Her business was thriving and she was moving into a beautiful new house. Yet this dream quickly morphed into a nightmare.

Rocks being thrown at her windows.
Haunting messages written on glass.
Items mysteriously disappearing.

Emily’s nerves are on edge, which is only made worse by the man across the street constantly screaming at his wife. By befriending their son, Lucien, she learns a dark truth about the street she now calls home. Lucien has a brother who went missing ten years ago, as did the last occupant of Emily’s house.

Emily wants to believe these ominous events are past history until her ex-boyfriend vanishes without a trace. Now, she’s convinced she is a pawn in someone’s twisted game.

Can she uncover who is behind these disappearances before becoming their next victim?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Ian Bragg Omnibus 1-3 – The Operator, A Clean Kill, The Replacement

by Craig Martelle

When good men have to do bad things…
…a hitman with a conscience.

Problems arise and too often, those problems are scumbags. Ian Bragg provides solutions, resolving problems for those who can afford to pay his price.

But everything changes when Ian meets the woman with sparkling green eyes. 799 pages of action-adventure in one volume!

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations

When I Watched Her Die

by Sonya Bateman

From bestselling author Sonya Bateman comes a shocking psychological thriller.

I was twelve when I watched her die in the woods. No one believed what I saw. Until now.

We finally found her. And now, I get to investigate her murder.

But first, I have to catch a serial killer…

Preston Clarke, recently promoted to the only female detective on her town’s force, has been waiting twenty years to solve a murder that only she believes happened. But when the girl’s body is found, she’s already neck-deep in a more recent, crucial case.

An active serial killer has moved into her town. He’s already claimed one victim, and there will be more.

Preston is determined to handle this on her own, to prove herself, but her boss has other ideas. The department has hired an expert who worked on the serial killer’s original case—and he’s transferring into town to be Preston’s partner.

It’s not the start she wanted for her career. And then, things get worse.

More bodies drop. Preston discovers a shocking connection between the long-dead girl and the present-day killer.

And the killer’s next target might just be her.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological