Where City Lights Fade

by Seth Pevey

What secrets lie buried beneath this centuries-old, empty manor, nestled in a forgotten corner of the Louisiana countryside?

When professor Avery Hart’s life is disrupted by a messy, public breakup, she’ll need to get out of the city fast. Just while things cool down a bit.

She finds herself in a quaint small town a few hours upriver: Spanish moss, curious townsfolk, and a relic of a house that is a guilty pleasure for a history buff like herself.

But what’s supposed to be a retreat from a possible stalker, soon becomes much worse, as she slowly realizes she may not be entirely alone on the property, and that the house itself may contain a more dramatic history that even she bargained for.

And she might not be able to leave. Not without first finding out what secrets lie where city lights fade.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Black Rock

by David Odle

It began as a typical meeting with a new member of the congregation. But Thomas soon realized this was anything but typical. This man knew things. Things that nobody should know. And he was making impossible demands.

Thomas’s simple life crumbles when a stranger utters, “I know your secrets, pastor, and it’s time to pay the price…”

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Category: Suspense


by Michael Martin

NEWLY WIDOWED AND STRUGGLING with single fatherhood, a small-town prosecutor investigating a murder uncovers racially-charged secrets that threaten a charismatic Black mayor’s ambitious plans for New Orleans.

“A fascinating read, clear and suspenseful, all the way until the end. Keeps the reader guessing and turning the page. This is a complex tale with lots of character.”

“The author does a wonderful job expressing the intricacies and nuances of race in America.”

“Ben Harper is smart, anchored, educated, and cares about his people…a Black detective worthy of Black readers’ admiration.”

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Category: Mystery – African American

Joey Mancuso Crime Mysteries: Volumes 1 – 3 (Joey Mancuso Mysteries) Kindle Edition

by Owen Parr

Lucky for readers, that’s a great opportunity for the kind of rare mystery series with something for everyone—a tough guy, three awesome women, and a classic Golden Age gentleman-detective clergyman. The twist? The cop and the cleric are half-brothers who operate a PI firm out of their bar.

$0.00 Previously $6.99

Category: Mystery – African American

The Perfect Family

by Lorna Dounaeva

For Victoria, image is everything. On the surface, she has it all.
But behind the scenes things are unraveling. Under massive stress, but still desperately trying to keep up appearances, their family is falling apart.
How far will she to go to preserve her perfect family?
The answer will plunge them into a nightmare from which they may never wake.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological

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