NOT DEAD YET (Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 7)

by Willow Rose

Secrets lead to lies and lies to murder in this pulse-pounding thriller with lots of shocking twists. Has former FBI-profiler Eva Rae Thomas finally gotten herself in deeper than she can handle?

When the body of Nancy Henry is pulled out of the water of Sykes Creek by two local fishermen, they soon realize she’s not dead.
Not yet..

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Category: Mystery – Series


Evie Parker Lady Sleuth Mysteries Books 1 & 2: 1920s Historical Cozy Mysteries: House Party Murder Rap & Murder at the Tea Party

by Sonia Parin

Lighthearted 1920s cozy mysteries with a cast of unique and quirky characters tackling mysteries in country estates, villages, and the bright lights of the roaring twenties.

Evie forms an unlikely alliance to discover as much as she can before the killer gets it right.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Kate Benedict Cozy British Mysteries Vol 1-4 (The Kate Benedict Series Book 8)

by Carrie Bedford

Kate Benedict is an upstart architect who solves mysteries in lively London. With a superpower of sorts up her sleeve: she sees auras that swirl above people’s heads when they’re about to die. Now available as a complete box set, this irresistible murder mystery series is for those who like their cozy female sleuths smart, savvy, and a tad psychic.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Calculated Sabotage

by K.T. Lee

CIA operations officer Quinn King will do whatever it takes to find the person who killed her partner. She follows the evidence to Innovative Rocket Technologies, a start-up company and current darling of the rocket world. Their most recent launch, however, ended in an explosion that Quinn believes is connected to her partner’s death.

The CIA sends Cam Mitchell to provide backup for Quinn — and to make sure she isn’t too emotionally invested. With Cam watching her back, Quinn embeds herself at IRT. She soon discovers there is more to the failed launch than IRT has shared with the public. And someone has a vested interest in keeping that information under wraps.

When the CIA finds new evidence that someone is actively sabotaging the next launch, they call in Parker, Ree and Mike from the FBI to help manage a growing number of loose ends. However, once Cam and Quinn realize why the rocket is being sabotaged, it puts them right in the crosshairs of a killer.

Calculated Sabotage is Book 3 in The Calculated Series. All books in The Calculated Series may be enjoyed as standalone novels or as a series.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Final Alibi

by Simon King

A jailed killer. A new string of murders. Copycat or something worse?
Harry Lightman, dubbed the Daylesford Devil, has sat in a prison cell for almost twenty years, the country’s worst serial killer on record. When a new string of murders begins, each bearing the distinct mark of an evil long thought locked up, terror rips through a community still bearing the scars.
Jim Lawson has spent decades trying to forget the monster he put behind bars. Labelled as the man who captured the devil, law enforcement calls on his help a second time, to lend his expertise on tracking serial killers. But this is no ordinary killer and Jim will have to face some old demons if he’s to have any chance of ending the murders. Will he uncover the truth in time to stop the killing, or has the Devil fooled them all, hellbent on the town’s ultimate destruction?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


The Menace

by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins

In touristy Peachtree Heights, Georgia, a string of presumably accidental deaths of area physicians rouses the suspicions of Police Chief Blake Cutter. But the former big-city cop’s attempts to warn Dr. Roy Ryan are viewed by his estranged wife as an attempt to muddy the waters of a custody battle over the couple’s young son, Richie.

Too late to do anything more, a small, incredibly powerful creature emerges from the night to brave the walls of the doctor’s compound, terrorizing the family and any and all police guarding them. The menace is suddenly real, and those physicians’ deaths are anything but accidental.

And when young Richie’s archeologist uncle gives the boy a grisly birthday present—an actual Aztec mummy!—the child begins to think the long-dead corpse is his friend, one who is still-breathing…

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Category: Thrillers – Crime