Calculated Deception

by K.T. Lee

Dr. Ree Ryland must work with the FBI to catch a criminal before time runs out in this charming, character-driven read.


When the FBI traces shipments of military-grade hardware to a university lab, Dr. Ree Ryland is their primary suspect. They soon realize Ree is being used as a pawn and take her up on her offer to help them catch the killer hiding on campus. Now, Ree and the FBI team must find the true perpetrator before they all become collateral damage.


“I love strong female leads and this one did not disappoint! A great thriller and quick enjoyable read.” – Anika R, NetGalley Reviewer

“Chapters are short and well paced. Characters come to life on the page and the mystery ensures you keep reading. An ideal summer holiday read.” – Born to Engineer Book Club

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Complete Emily Bernal Trilogy

by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Sparks fly as ex-cowgirl and down-on-her-luck paralegal Emily Bernal hilariously struggles through a series of murders, messes, and men in a trio of Texas-to-New Mexico mysteries perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich.

“Emily is a HOOT and so real!”

From USA Today bestselling author Pamela Fagan Hutchins.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Never Tell Them

by N.L Hinkens

How well do you know the stranger next door?
When mysterious, single dad Ray Jenkins moves in to the neighborhood, Sonia is suspicious from the outset that something is amiss. Ray’s young son, Henry—traumatized from the recent loss of his mother—acts like he barely knows his father.

But things soon take a turn for the worse when Ray is involved in a multi-vehicle wreck, and suffers a brain injury and subsequent memory loss. Sonia steps in to care for Henry, but soon becomes alarmed at the disturbing things he tells her. Determined to get to the bottom of who her neighbor really is, she snoops around in his house. The shocking clues she uncovers shake her to the core. Her own life is in danger from the deadly lie he is living.

The more she digs, the more she finds that some lies are best left buried.
– A gripping tale of explosive secrets with a jaw-dropping twist! –

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

False Impressions

by Sandra Nikolai

After her cheating husband is killed, Megan Scott becomes the prime suspect. She teams up with reporter Michael Elliott, another person of interest in the ongoing investigation, in a last-ditch attempt to clear their names. Their only path to freedom is to catch the twisted killer before they become the next victims. But not knowing who to trust or where to turn can have consequences that are just as lethal.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Watchman of Rothenburg Dies

by Adriana Licio

A holiday is a time to relax, unwind and see the sights. But for two adventurous sexagenarians, the sights have a tendency to include dead bodies.

Etta and Dora, both newly retired teachers, travel from their home in Southern Italy to a fairy-tale German town for their first home swap holiday, delighted by their neighbours’ warm welcome. But the welcome turns sour when the Night Watchman of Rothenburg is brutally murdered while his tour group takes photographs nearby, a halberd buried in his chest and a peculiar iron mask by his side.

When the murderer claims a second victim and the son of their hospitable neighbours becomes the number-one suspect, Etta’s analytical mind goes to work. Why was a shame mask left at the scene of each murder? Is there a clandestine trade going on behind the scenes of apparently upstanding local businesses? And why does every lead take her back to the sinister Devil’s Ale pub and the terrifying gang who lurk within?

Meanwhile, Dora has a puzzle of her own – how can she persuade Etta that a loveably disobedient Basset Hound called Napoleon is now a permanent part of their lives?

Pack your bags, jump into the backseat of Etta and Dora’s old Fiat 500, and join them on their travels around Europe. There’ll be mystery, murder and mayhem aplenty wherever they go.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

A Wedding and A Funeral in Mecklenburg

by Adriana Licio

As two young people from different worlds are joined together in marriage, the murmuring among the guests is that the relationship is doomed. But only one knows the form that doom will take.

Etta and Dora, retired teachers from the South of Italy, arrive with their Basset Hound, the strong willed, loveable Leon, for a home swap holiday in a German mansion, just in time for the celebrations following the wedding of their hosts’ son to a beautiful Parisienne socialite. But the festivities come to an abrupt end when the bride falls face first into the wedding cake, a bullet in her heart…

Pack your bags, mystery fans. It’s time to join Etta, Dora and Leon on the road – there’s a crime to solve before they can enjoy their latest cosy homeswap.

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by Eva Lesko Natiello


What if you Googled yourself and discovered something shocking?

In this gripping psychological thriller, with twists & turns until the very last page, a suburban mom Googles herself on a lark and discovers the shocking details of a past she doesn’t remember. She’s hurled into a state of paranoia—upending her blissful family life and marriage—desperate to prove these allegations false before someone discovers they’re true.

The disturbing underpinnings of The Memory Box expose a story of deceit, misconceptions, and an obsession for control. With its twists, taut pacing, and psychological tenor, Natiello’s page turning suspense cautions: Be careful what you search for.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Missing Activist

by Louise Burfitt-Dons

Fear makes you close your eyes. When will you dare to open them?

Vivid, clever, utterly compelling, THE MISSING ACTIVIST is the story of an outsider’s attempt to uncover a deadly conspiracy at the heart of a UK political party.

Post-Referendum Britain and a country on high alert for terrorist attacks…

When a young political activist disappears in London, an off-the-wall Private Investigator Karen Andersen is put on the case.

She uncovers secrets of a party system which prizes loyalty above truth, a serial killer and a female Jihadi plotting deadly revenge on the British Government.

But Party secrets must be kept at all costs.

A totally gripping contemporary thriller that will have you hooked from the very first page to the final, dramatic twist.

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Category: Thrillers – Political

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