When The Jaguar Sleeps

by J. A. Kalis

What was supposed to be a dream holiday turns into a nightmare for a group of tourists when their plane crashes in the Amazon rainforest. The survivors try to make their way back to civilisation but inadvertently enter a dangerous territory. They stumble upon ancient mystery and put themselves in mortal danger.

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Category: Suspense

The House Next Door: A Ghost Story

by Darcy Coates

I live next to a haunted house.

I began to suspect something was wrong with the gothic building when its family fled in the middle of the night, the children screaming, the mother crying. They never came back to pack up their furniture.

No family stays long. Animals avoid the place. Once, I thought I saw a woman’s silhouette pacing through the upstairs room… but that seems impossible; no one was living there at the time.

A new occupant, Anna, has just moved in. I paid her a visit to warn her about the building. I didn’t expect us to become friends, but we did. And now that Marwick House is waking up, she’s asked me to stay with her.

I never intended to become involved with the building or its vengeful, dead inhabitant. But now I have to save Anna… before it’s too late for the both of us.

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Category: Suspense

Last Call

by J.A. Konrath

A retired cop past her prime…
A kidnapped bank robber fighting for his life…
A former mob enforcer with a blood debt…
A government assassin on the run…
A wisecracking private eye with only one hand…
A homicide sergeant with one week left on the job…

And three of the worst serial killers, ever.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

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