The Scottish Connection

by Carrie Bedford

Kate Benedict is off to a glamorous party in Scotland at a formerly grand castle. And thus is the scene set for a deliciously traditional British cozy with a touch of the paranormal thriller – complete with ghostly characters from the past; the requisite medieval weapons collection; and a creepy, ruined, closed-off wing of the castle.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Murder on the SS Rosa

by Lee Strauss

Murder’s a pickle!

It’s 1923 and young war widow fashionista Ginger Gold makes a cross-Atlantic journey to London, England, to settle her father’s estate. When the ship’s captain is found dead, Ginger is only too happy to lend her assistance to the handsome Chief Inspector Basil Reed.

The SS Rosa delivers a convincing array of suspects ~ the wife, the mistress, a jealous crewmate. To Ginger’s dismay, her name has been added to the list!

With a little help from Ginger’s dog Boss, her good friend Haley Higgins, and a young but clever third-class passenger called Scout, Ginger navigates a number of intriguing and dangerous clues. (Those wartime operative skills come in handy!) She must solve the case and clear her name before they dock ~ and oh, whatever shall she wear?

A fascinating introduction to a character that will rival Miss Fisher in the cozy genre set in the period between world wars.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Blood Money

by Robert Brown

Peter Orloff’s life is going nowhere. Recently graduated, he’s stuck in a bad job in Tucson, Arizona, with a mountain of student loan debt and what appears to be no future.

But his troubles suddenly get a whole lot worse when he returns home one night to find his roommate stabbed to death and his room trashed.

Now he must follow a series of clues scattered in ghost towns in the desert to find the truth behind the killing, all while trying to dodge a mysterious gang of killers and a suspicious homicide detective.

What he discovers will change his life in ways he never suspected.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

The Crest

by Jerena Tobiasen

In the fall of 1914, Gerhard Lange excitedly receives orders from the Kaiserliche Deutsche Armee. He and his best friend, Otto Schmidt, are to join Germany’s battle with France. The young men quickly learn that there is no glory in war.

At the end of World War I, Gerhard and Otto return home broken men, and work alongside their fathers to restore the farming community they fought so valiantly to protect. Life remains tenuous as another war looms.

Concerned about the safety of their families, the Langes and Schmidts relocate to Bavaria. Once again, Gerhard’s commitment to his country is challenged, and he and his son, Paul, find themselves serving in an army led by a tyrant. Despite the oppression of serving on the Eastern Front, a light is cast in Paul’s direction when he encounters Ilse-Renata Chemiker.

As war rages around him, Gerhard worries about his family and how he will ensure the future of the Lange legacy.

The Prophecy saga spans over 70 years, and is a story of war, prejudice, migration, crime, love, and heartbreak. Each story is an intriguing, fast moving, historical fiction written from the perspective of the people involved. The Crest is dedicated to those folks who are forced to fight for what they believe in, to keep their family and their country safe.

Together, The Crest, The Emerald and The Destiny tell of the challenges and changes that external forces place on everyday people who are forced to rise above their own expectations to meet family obligations and responsibilities, no matter how reluctant they may be to do so. They provide the reader with an opportunity to consider life from an alternate perspective.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

Game of revenge (Francis Scott-Wren Series Book 2)

by Charlotte Larsen

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves” — Confucius

Heart crushing international thriller from a bestselling Scandinavian author.

In 1944 a snitch denounced a couple and their eldest son for resistance activities. The mother was separated from her husband and son and sent to Bergen-Belsen. The husband and son sent to Dachau. None of them returned.

Years later, their grandson, James takes on a revenging role towards the affluent descendants of the snitch. One by one he takes them down.

But along the way, Francis Scott-Wren picks up the scent and sends in his agent Jo Vermeer to stop the destructive rampage of James.
However, the relationship between her and her target brings her a dilemma of loyalty, that unstable her significantly.

As we travel with the characters through Copenhagen, Marrakesh and into a jungle monastery in Sri Lanka, we must ask ourselves: What are our true values? And how far will we go to defend them?

Game of Revenge is a nail biting standalone crime thriller and a gripping exploration of human nature.

If you like a passionate heroine, spine-chilling suspense, and a fight for what is right, then you’ll love Charlotte Larsen’s fast-paced thriller.

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Category: Thrillers – Financial

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