Blue Fire

by Joel Canfield

A missing comic book genius. An all-powerful hallucinogenic designer drug.

Max Bowman is haunted by both of them – and he just might lose his mind as a result.

When Max takes on the mission to find the long-lost creator of cult superhero Blue Fire, he ends up getting dosed with a chemical that upends his sanity just when he needs it the most. Now he’s got to contend with zombies on the Upper East Side, a cult run by a clueless pawn, a hipster rapist who knows her way around a sword, a secret CIA spook program left over from the Cold War and powerful old enemies who are out to destroy him – all while trying to keep his mind from crashing and burning for good.

Blue Fire’s mantra in the old comic books used to be, “For good to be purged of evil…Blue Fire must endure.” But now it’s Max Bowman who must endure – and he’s as far from a superhero as you can get.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

The Mockingbird Drive

by A.C. Fuller

Data Never Dies. But People Do.

Alex Vane was once a top investigative journalist. Now he peddles celebrity gossip and clickbait listicles, watching from a distance as his wife moves on with her life – without him. Alex’s past catches up to him when he learns that an old source, James Stacy, has been killed in a random mass shooting.

But James left Alex one last scoop: a 50-year-old hard drive that may contain a secret worth killing for…and the name of the one person who can help him access the data. That person is Quinn Rivers, a paranoid and reclusive computer expert who believes the CIA is tracking her every move. And she may be right.

When Alex shows up at her door with the hard drive, armed operatives are right behind him. Now Alex and Quinn are on the run. There is no one to trust, nowhere to hide, and nothing but the hard drive to prove that James Stacy’s death wasn’t random at all.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Killer Dress

by Nancy McGovern

Dani Hedley is at a low point. After years of fast living as a photographer in LA, she’s heading home to Innocence, California with nothing but her old camera, laptop & $40.

Thankfully, there’s one bright spot in her life. Her sister, Caroline, is getting married and she’s asked Dani to photograph the event. It’s the perfect way to jumpstart into her future.

Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan.

The groom’s ex-girlfriend is found dead the day before the wedding and, between their bitter history & the fact that the victim is wearing her wedding gown, Caroline immediately becomes suspect #1.

The sheriff is confident Caroline is guilty. Of course, Dani knows otherwise. And, for some reason, she has a nagging feeling that there is something in the wedding photos that can clear Caroline’s name. Something that is hiding in plain sight.

If she can only figure out what it is…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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