Endless Evil

by Amanda Feyerbend

Everyone wanted to believe that the first attack was just a random act of violence.

Then a second victim is found.

The two women share similar wounds, and Detective Alex Gray can’t deny the connection. Someone is hunting down young women to fulfill their macabre fantasies.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Sovereign Assassin

by Robert New

A darkly satirical thriller about an assassin whose sovereign immunity leads to her getting her own reality tv show as she prepares for her next kill.
“A thrilling, fast-paced book which is run through with a seam of genuinely deep philosophy.” – Read Freely

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations

A Smuggler’s Last Song

by Ellis Summers

Music is Emma Grant’s world. Smuggling, blackmail, and murder are her family’s.

Emma has a deep love of music and has reached international acclaim for her sound engineering. She has the opportunity of a lifetime knocking on her door. A chance to inherit the 100-year-old recording studio owned by her family. But nothing good has ever reached her without a catch.

Her grandfather Richard offers her a deal that will change her life forever. After she runs the studio for half a decade, she will have to join Richard’s ‘private business for several months.

Richard is a man who has the city at his fingertips. His uncanny aura as a flourishing tycoon has everyone’s attention. But what remains a mystery is the criminal activities he conceals under the disguise of being a reputable businessman.

Emma quickly agrees to Richard’s offer, but after five years, times change, and so do her priorities. At 29, Emma unlocks her potential as an audio engineer, rewarded with all the success in the world. With her life dedicated to her music passion, she has little interest in joining Richard’s secret criminal empire – even for several months.

Given her dedication to work and juggling her relationship with a handsome rock star, Emma ignores her Grandfather’s demands.

Emma’s impulsive and naïve decision pushes her into a world with no happy endings. Her refusal to give in pushes Richard to deploy his plan, threatening her loved ones.

With no means to escape, Emma gives in, joining the infamous syndicate run by her grandfather. An organization that is all about jewel smuggling, murder, and crimes.

What follows is a suspenseful tale that will take you through the darkness of blackmailing and kidnapping. With unexpected twists and turns, Ellis Summer brilliantly weaves a story immersing the reader in Emma Grant’s world, and her struggle to free herself from her grandfather’s chains.

A Smuggler’s Last Song is a fast-paced, compelling thriller. With murder, mystery, family, and betrayal, this book has everything you can ask for. Plus a little fun and romance.

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Category: Suspense

Heart of a Runaway Girl

by Trevor Wiltzen

How far would you go to save an accused young man you think is innocent? Heart of a Runaway Girl introduces readers to Mabel Davison, a hard-working woman who tells jokes and tops up coffees with a smile while running a little diner and motel in a small mountain town. Recently separated from her husband, she’s looking to create a safe home for her kids and orphaned niece. But this seemingly sleepy, friendly town is anything but.

One night, a teen girl, who breezed through Mabel’s diner, is discovered murdered at a local sawmill. Sheriff Dan Gibson looks no further than the teen’s black boyfriend, Winston Washington, a known drug dealer. But Mabel fears Dan’s only trying to keep the peace in a town rife with racism, and her big heart won’t let that stand. But with Winston’s trial looming, each step of her unlikely investigation draws the killer—closer.

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Category: Mystery – Historical