The After Hours Deception

by Patti Larsen

Petal Morgan finds herself, at twenty-eight, not only without any sort of compass leading her to her lifelong dream (she has as yet to identify), not to mention the student loans stacking up against her (how much education is too much?), now perched on the edge of bankruptcy while accepting, with the shame that comes from failure, taking over the unfinished apartment over her parent’s garage. But when an unexpected encounter with an old friend leads her to the kind of job she never expected, she not only uncovers her talents, but a dead body to boot. Deception has never been so lucrative… Welcome to Masquerade Inc. Cozy Mysteries!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Secrets of Redemption Series: Books 1-3

by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)

All Becca wanted was a fresh start. That wasn’t what she got. Get started with this award-winning series today.

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Category: Suspense

When Spies Collide (formerly “Crossword”)

by Alan S Bricklin

A fictional novel, expanded from a true event and incorporating both historic and fictional characters, this story takes you on a wild ride from the United States to Norway to Switzerland and on to Germany. Suspense, action and mystery are all present in this novel of espionage, endurance, bravery and betrayal. By early 1944 Hitler’s general staff realized that they had lost the war. Hitler did not. In late 1943 Allied bombers destroyed the Norwegian power station that supplied power for the factory making fissionable material for Hitler’s drive to produce an atomic weapon. The remaining material was ordered to be brought to Germany under heavy guard, but a lone German general set into motion a series of events that threatened to alter the outcome of World War II. A troubled OSS agent is sent behind enemy lines to prevent the development of the atomic weapon that could win the war for Germany; but Hitler and the Allies are not the only ones interested. There are secret forces at work in both the United States and Germany that want the fissionable material for their own reasons. Alone and injured in Germany, the OSS agent must enlist the aid of a beautiful, young German woman to help him while he plays cat and mouse with his enemies, both known and unknown. An undertaking gone terribly wrong.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

Beautiful Evil Winter

by Kelly K. Lavender

For fans of heart-racing Misery? Yes. Inspired by a true story. After the USSR collapses, a time reminiscent of the unforgiving gun-slinging days of the frontier west, mild-mannered Ethan and hot-blooded Sophia board a plane bound for corrupt crime-infested Russia. Armed only with a homespun plan, the desperate American couple hopes to to adopt a baby boy. What can go wrong? What won’t go wrong?

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Category: Suspense

Medicine and Mayhem: The Dr. Laura Nelson Files (The Laura Nelson Series, Books 1-4)

by Patricia Gussin

Trauma, medical school, children, unexpected enemies and a romance that never should have happened dominates the Laura Nelson 4-book series—but throughout the 28-year period of the Files, the prevailing threat still rests with the man that she killed when she was a first-year med student—the shadow that looms always.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

The Unforgiving Stone

by Alex Dunlevy

The first in a series of crime novels set in and around Crete, Greece.
Nick Fisher and his son have not spoken for years. But, when the boy brings the girl he is about to marry to the island of Crete, Nick is persuaded to travel to the remote south-west coast, seeking a reconciliation.

Instead, he discovers that a body has been found on the beach. His son has disappeared and is now prime suspect in a murder case.

In a race against time, ex-cop Nick must call upon his old skills and instincts to find his son, then convince the Greek police of his innocence. To do that, he must seek out other suspects and track down the one who was driven to kill. The one who reached their breaking point.

Only success can save his son. It might even restore Nick’s own self-belief.

Failure is unthinkable.

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Category: Crime Fiction

Beneath the Stone

by Alex Dunlevy

The second Nick Fisher crime novel is a dark, twisting tale of lingering resentment and unhealed wounds in a Cretan village.
When Nick Fisher agrees to work with Leo’s feisty, young protégée Náni Samarákis, he doesn’t bargain on facing death or finding love or hurting his son again. A missing person case morphs into a grisly murder when a body part is found in the sea. But who would carve up the body and why? Were they the killers or was it that mysterious, hooded man, if he even exists? And why does the tracker dog lead them to a stone wall? In a dark village with a tortured past where resentment festers, Nick and Náni must work together, despite their differences, to peel back layers of complex relationships, some leading back to wartime Crete. Only then will they find out why a young man had to die.

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Strong Motive (Elizabeth Strong Mystery Book 1)

by K.C. Turner

She rose from the ashes of her past.
Now someone wants to throw her back into the fire.
In the small town of Silverton, Ohio, crime runs big. Court advocate, Elizabeth Strong, knows this all too well and doing everything she can to stop it. She has devoted her life to helping women escape dangerous, narcissistic men. She did it herself years ago sending a man to prison. And he’s had plenty of time to plot his revenge.
While helping a prominent woman navigate the court system, Elizabeth falls prey to a mysterious stalker and Detective Martinez is assigned to her case. When it becomes clear that her client is the target of a murder for hire, Elizabeth and Martinez team up to catch the killer. The client’s husband is rich, connected, and the number one suspect. Is he also sending Elizabeth a message to back off?
Although the one man Elizabeth fears is still behind bars, Martinez suspects he’s somehow involved. It wouldn’t be the first time a prison inmate got to someone on the outside. As the evidence builds in her client’s case, the danger escalates in her own. The tangled web connecting the two together begins to unravel and it’s soon realized nothing is ever as it seems…

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Category: Mystery – Series