The Frosell Affair

by Heddy Frosell da Ponte

Intriguing, bold, provocative, original. Great for fans of le Carré. (Publishers Weekly)
The true story of Oscar Frosell’s fight for his family’s $40 billion fortune, stolen in a WW II French conspiracy that reached all the way up to Charles de Gaulle.
“A top-notch thriller, spell-binding, highly recommended.” (Midwest Book Review). 5* Reviews!

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

Lethal Ambition

by Michael Swiger

Power. Murder. Corruption.

Young African American lawyer, Marcus Blanchard, has worked his entire life to get to this night—on the verge of unseating long-reigning, political boss Julius McGee in the Eleventh District Congressional race in Cleveland, he disappears as the final vote tallies come in, only to be found crouching over the body of his girlfriend. Did he strangle her? Or was he framed? He turns to the only man he can trust, his former law professor and mentor, Edward Mead.

Seventy-five-year-old Mead, still brilliant but struggling with the ravages of age, reluctantly takes the case. Clinging to the twilight of a once-distinguished career while shepherding his wife of fifty years through the merciless treatments for stage-four breast cancer, Mead is thrust headlong into the gritty underbelly of the inner-city, colliding with drug dealers and thugs, race riots and protests, and an all-pervasive political corruption that enslaves its citizens in poverty while sowing the seeds of division and hatred.

Ripped from today’s headlines, this fast-paced murder mystery wrapped in a legal thriller grapples with the complicated urban issues and unrest in African American communities across the country. This book will leave you exhilarated and entertained, breathless and shaken, but most of all it will make you think.

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Category: Mystery – African American

Three Dogs in a Row (Cozy Dog Mysteries, Books 1-3 in the Golden Retriever Mystery series)

by Neil S Plakcy

These are the first three books in the charming, cozy Golden Retriever Mystery Series.
Steve Levitan has returned to his hometown after a bad divorce and a brief prison term for computer hacking. When Steve’s neighbor is murdered, her Golden Retriever, Rochester begins to win Steve over, and these two unlikely sleuths work to uncover murders!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Dead Ringer

by James D Mortain

They left him for dead. Now he’s back. And he wants revenge.

Embarrassed by an unsolved murder, DI Robbie Chilcott has the chance to get even when the faceless killer strikes again. But as the body count rises, Chilcott discovers a shocking truth—the victims aren’t random—they have been selected. And now, he’s on the killer’s list too.

Written by an ex-CID detective and set in the west country city of Bristol, this fast-paced British crime novel is a gripping and authentic murder mystery that will keep you engrossed to the very last page.

Dead Ringer is the first book in the DI Robbie Chilcott series of crime thrillers. This book is perfect for fans of LJ Ross, Angela Marsons, J M Dalgliesh, Simon McCleave and Alex Smith.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

The Rewrite

by John Gresham

When small-time crook Johnny Waygood, doing time for a crime he didn’t commit, is unwittingly caught up in the escape of a band of cartel gangsters from a prison bus in the Mojave Desert, he seizes his chance and runs.

Runs into even worse trouble when he crosses paths with the beautiful Sloane Atkins, who hits him with a crazy scheme: she wants Johnny to assume the identity of her recently-deceased Hollywood screenwriter boyfriend–a dead ringer for Johnny–who was about to come into a fortune of money.

Add into the mix a psycho bookie who is owed a whack of cash by the dead man, the bookie’s one-time porn star girlfriend who dreams of her freedom, and his stone-killer enforcer who dreams of the girlfriend, and you have a recipe for suspense and mayhem shot through with dollops of black humor, set in the wild, wild world of La La Land.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime



CIA’s most valued Russian double agents are being methodically assassinated one-by-one. At Langley Center headquarters itself—Jack Barrett, the Director of Central Intelligence, barely escapes assassination by a trusted employee. When the Agency discovers the attacks originate from a Russian top secret cyberwarfare program called Chernyy Almaz, or Black Diamond, a mind-control program, CIA must respond swiftly to shut down the attacks and also begin extracting its top prized agents before they’re lost forever. Chief among them is Dr. Armand Mishenkov, the head of Russia’s research and development for cold fusion weaponry. Mishenkov makes a solitary escape to Ukraine, but safety and freedom are still far from his reach. Pursued by Russian assassins and Spetsnaz teams, Agent Dave McClure and his partner, Tony Robertson, must find Mishenkov and smuggle him across Europe and to the United States. Will McClure succeed in bringing the doctor to America—can they make it ALIVE?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

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