Witch In Charm’s Way

by R.K. Dreaming

Solving crime one ghost at a time.

Disaster strikes and witch Esme flees in the dead of night to her magical hometown of Brimstone Bay with a terrible secret. The old castle left to her by a great-aunt is a perfect hide-out for a desperate witch seeking a charm to get her out of harm’s way, until a dead body turns up on her doorstep.

Things get worse when handsome investigating Special Agent Chris Constantine puts Esme on his suspect’s list. Esme must put her amateur sleuthing skills to the test and prove her innocence before Agent Constantine takes too close a look at her — because Esme has a secret worse than murder.

Juggling life and death turns into magical mayhem when a moody psychic cat, a busybody ghost aunt, and Esme’s three wild witch cousins burst in on her life. Will they help her catch the killer, or will they run for cover when they find out what Esme is hiding?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Wrong Girl

by Robert Kirby

Alex and Natalie seem to have the perfect life, but Alex is haunted by terrible events from his childhood.
When Alex’s behavior becomes increasingly strange, he returns to his hometown to face the demons he thought he left deep in the forest.
Can Natalie face the terrifying truth as she unravels the mystery that could shatter her world?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Jack Dillon Dublin Tales, Volumes 6-10

by Mike Faricy

Books 6-10 in the best selling Jack Dillon Dublin Tales series:

Spade Work, Madeline Missing, Mistaken Identity, Picture Perfect, and Dublin Moon.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


by Silas Ritter

They cured cancer, and they’re killing to cover up their means.

Collier is an ex-military rogue who couldn’t follow orders. How will he handle working for a corporation where murder is part of the job description?

Matt & Karen are long divorced and hate each other’s guts. What will happen when they reunite to find their son who was long thought dead? Is he? New clues claim otherwise.

Travis and Thaddeus spent most of their lives tortured, neglected, and secluded in a basement, but gifted with supernatural powers humanity has never seen. After honing their abilities, what will happen when they are let loose into a world they don’t understand?

BJ grew up in the Bible Belt with his faith as his anchor. When a stranger comes to town with a new religion, what side will he choose?

How does the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company bind them all? They all collide in a showdown none of them saw coming.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers



A woman is found dead in a ditch. As the list of suspects grows, a town’s dirty secrets are revealed.

It’s a cold winter evening and rain is sweeping in from the Atlantic when a young woman, having braved the weather to visit her sick mother in a remote part of Ireland, comes across an obstacle in the road.

She clears the highway of stones from a damaged bridge only to see the body of a woman in a ditch. With no phone reception, she travels to the nearest police station to report what she has found.

The local Garda waste no time in attending the scene of the crime. The woman is clearly dead, but it needs proper forensics to establish if foul play was the cause. In the meantime, is it not possible that the woman driver was in fact the culprit?

She is clearly not telling the whole truth. A game of cat and mouse ensues when the inquiry is upgraded to a murder investigation.

The trouble is, when the victim is recognised as a sex worker, there is no shortage of possible suspects. And few of them, if any, are willing to tell the truth to the police.

It will take all of Galway detectives Hays and Lyons’ experience to cut through the web of lies and identify the killer in their midst.

MURDER ON THE OLD BOG ROAD is the first in a series of atmospheric crime fiction titles featuring Detective Inspector Mick Hays and Detective Sergeant Maureen Lyons.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Blazer: Ghosts of War

by G.C. Harmon

Before Steve Blazer was given command of SFPD’s Special Forces—before he was a crack Homicide Inspector—he was an elite up and comer on the Vice Squad.

During an Asian drug smuggler bust, two Vice cops are murdered. The killer leaves a signature—one that means something to Blazer’s mentor, Captain John Stanson—leading him to believe the smuggler gang is tied to a wealthy Vietnamese businessman who rules San Francisco’s Little Saigon district with an iron fist. As Blazer dives deeper into the investigation, he clashes with the Federal Agency providing his protection, and when the Vietnamese businessman is murdered, the feds put Blazer on the top of their suspect list.

While the Vice squad pursues a drug ring from the Golden Triangle and a cop killer, Stanson goes on a perilous journey of his own, reliving parts of his violent past where he was taken as a prisoner of the Vietnam War. Blazer takes notice and sets out to prevent Stanson from crossing a line he can’t come back from.

But will Blazer get to him in time? Will the mysterious killer connected to Stanson’s perilous past be brought to justice once and for all?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime