All Lies

by Andrew Cunningham

“I come from a long line of idiots.”

Those were the last words his father uttered before dying, and from what he knew of his family tree and the unfortunate end that came to so many of his ancestors, Del Honeycutt couldn’t disagree. What he didn’t know was that his family held dark secrets—secrets that were about to come crashing down upon him.

A seemingly innocent date gone tragically wrong plunges Del into a web of murder, lies, greed, and a hidden fortune dating back to a crime committed 85 years earlier by his great-grandfather. Accompanied by Sabrina, the sister of Del’s brutally murdered date, they are pursued by vicious killers intent on eliminating anyone with knowledge of the 85-year-old crime. But Sabrina is concealing a monstrous lie of her own. Is she who she says she is?

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Category: Mystery – Series

Murder in Mystic Grove

by S.F. Bose

Liz Bean was a field interpreter for a military contractor in Virginia. After 4 years of working on dangerous missions in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, a traumatic event prompts her to take an unpaid leave of absence. She and her two cats return home to her family’s Bed and Breakfast in the village of Mystic Grove. All she wants now is time to think. However, she also needs a paying job.

Soon Liz is working as an intern for Sam Nolan Private Investigations. After a longtime Mystic Grove resident is murdered, Liz is shocked to learn that her divorced mother’s boyfriend, Ben, is a key suspect. Liz and Sam agree to find the real killer and clear Ben’s name. With all of the lies and deception they find, Liz realizes that Mystic Grove isn’t the innocent village she remembered. Can Liz find the killer before he strikes again? Or will she become the murderer’s next victim?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


by John C. Dalglish


Officer Danny Sullivan has just become Detective Danny Sullivan, the first in a family line of Boston Police officers to do so. It’s a milestone the whole family can celebrate.
But quickly, his new position turns into something more than he ever anticipated.
His first case with a new partner throws him into a web of secrets, half-truths, and dead women.
The conclusion he draws puts him at odds with everyone in his life, and the young detective must decide whether to risk everything to prove his theory that more women are about to die.
Will he save lives or end his career?
Follow Danny on his first case as a member of BOSTON HOMICIDE.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

White Jaguar

by Preben Ormen

A deepening murder mystery where nothing is as it seems.

When the founder of a young nanotechnology startup company in Merida turns up floating face down in the mangroves on Yucatan’s north coast and the company’s revolutionary agriculture product prototype is discovered missing, Inspector Marco Nayal of Mexico’s Federal Police finds himself entangled in web of lies and deceit.

˃˃˃ As body count and suspense build and lead after lead takes him down one empty trail after the other,
Marco finds himself up against the Comisario, his results hungry and politically sensitive boss, a hostile US company, a Guatemalan Kaibil Special Forces deserter and an unidentified, mysterious and lethal third party.

Secretly straddling two cultures, Marco is connected with the wayib, the dreaming place, the hidden world of the Mayan shamans and Sak Balam, his spirit guide, through rituals and insights taught him by his shaman father and his old ah’men mentor, the elusive Don José.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Deadly Memories

by P. M. Richter

When Andrea is in a car accident after a posh Hollywood party and can’t remember how it happened, a chain of events enfolds, leading to her marriage to an Ambassador’s son in France. But what she can’t remember might kill her.

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