Fostered Identity

by Maggie Thom

Can they catch a thief by being a thief?
Her teenage sister has run away. It’s her fault. And on her watch. Desperate to find her sister and keep it quiet, Shyla soon gets pulled into something so much bigger… a heist. That of stealing her mom’s newly acquired million-dollar jewelry.
Damien is a good guy running from an awful past. When his brother ends up in the hospital, he is determined to stop the one man who is destroying their lives. He will break all his promises, even steal, if it will end their father’s control.
Shyla and Damien work together to plan a heist, catch a crook, and save her family. An impossible crime with only one possible outcome.
Emerald was the first of eight foster girls. The jewelry, she thought was fake and looked after as a teenager, are resurfacing. Thirty-five years later. And worth millions. Who is sending them out? And who wants them, at all costs?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Babylon Deception

by Ray Pace

Number Eight on Amazon Crime, Fall 2021! A simple business trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco gets complicated by fires, drug pushers, and neo-Nazis. Did we mention street gangs, plutonium, and gold bars? It’s another heartwarming episode in the lives of our two favorite wise guys, Nick and Jimmy, who made it through with only a few scratches in Disappearing Act: A Las Vegas Love Story, Sort of…, the first book in the Wise Guys You’ll Love If You Know What’s Good For You series.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

Alice in Liars Land

by Diana Shafran

This story had it all – dangerous quest, magic academy, drama and intrigue – perfect for fans of One of Us is Lying and Pretty Little Liars.

Alice wanted to study at Welkin – the Spherical Magic Academy to create magic objects. Her dream is coming true. She takes the place of a missing girl, lives in her room, studies according to her schedule, and takes part in an exciting game.

Here she meets her rivals. Mysterious, unpredictable and dangerous.
They are all lying.
Who’s hiding behind the masks of humans? Friends? Enemies? Monsters?
Alice doesn’t know.
The answer is in the game. What started as an interesting adventure turns into a struggle for survival.

Each round is a dangerous test, a challenge to test human capabilities. Alice gets control of the cards, and has to solve the secret hidden in them, and not let her opponents take them away – but they will use all methods available to them.

When playing, it’s important to remember that the monster is already in the academy.
Everyone will meet the monster, even if the monster lives inside.

p.s. I am an author from Ukraine. This is my debut book on Amazon, I would love to collaborate with you.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Savage (Daughters of the Jaguar Book 1)

by Willow Rose

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The year is 1983.
Christian is 22 years old when he leaves his home in Denmark to spend a year in Florida with a very wealthy family and go to med-school. A joyful night out with friends is shattered by an encounter with a savage predator that changes his life forever. Soon he faces challenges he had never expected. A supernatural gift he has no idea how to embrace. A haunting family in the house next door. A spirit-filled girl who seems to carry all the answers. An ancient secret hidden in the swamps of Florida. One life never the same. One love that becomes an obsession. Two destinies that will be forever entangled.

Savage is a thriller with some language, violence, and sexual situations recommended for ages sixteen and up.

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Category: Suspense

Pura Vida

by Jim Utsler

Detroit homicide detective Jacob Miller has been accused of many things, but being smart isn’t one of them. The murder of drug dealer Willy is proof enough of that, but not covering it up is even worse. So why would he think that stealing a fellow inmate’s hidden fortune is any smart, especially when an ex-mafia family head is after the same thing?

After being released from prison and moving to sunny Costa Rica, he solves an international murder mystery involving the usual suspects: love, lust and murder.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime