by Anthony C. Patton

In the Digital Age, cyber espionage is on the rise, with the heavyweight fight between the United States and China taking center stage. After a series of devastating cyberattacks on the Pentagon, Colonel Lance Reed, a patriotic intelligence officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), teams up with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to pursue Lieutenant Colonel Li, China’s most lethal cyber spy. After Colonel Reed scores a major victory to prevent the next cyberattack, he finds himself entrapped as past events surface and test his limits. After a brilliant chess move strikes a lethal blow at the Chinese cyber program, fueled by a conspiracy of corporate lobbying, Colonel Reed is left to assess what matters most in life.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

The Rage Colony

by Shanon Hunt

They promised purification. They delivered poison. One that hijacks the mind. A curse that will change humanity forever.
Behind the protective walls of the Colony, Layla grows restless. The Colony is filled with secrets. So when a woman from her youth opens a crack into her past, Layla discovers everything she believed about the Colony has been a lie, even the baby she carries.
Outside in the poisoned world, Nick is determined to expose the human trafficking ring that’s snatching the poverty-stricken youth from the street.
As Nick risks his life barreling toward the truth, and Layla struggles to constrain the invasive life growing inside her… a new, evolved breed of humans is about to be unveiled.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical

Murder at Mile Marker 18

by Denise Jaden

Humorous and heartwarming cozy mysteries you won’t soon forget.

Strong friendships and a cranky crime-solving cat who thinks he’s a dog will keep you laughing out loud and turning the pages in this new whodunit. Along with plot twists and turns and suspense, you’ll feel like you’re spending time with old friends with this diverse group of characters tugging at your heart strings. Snuggle up with a warm blanket and enjoy a little paw-on help in solving these small-town murder mysteries today!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Strong Motive

by K.C. Turner

She rose from the ashes of her past.
Now someone wants to throw her back into the fire.
In the small town of Silverton, Ohio, crime runs big. Court advocate, Elizabeth Strong, knows this all too well and doing everything she can to stop it. She’s devoted her life to helping women escape dangerous, narcissistic men. She did it herself years ago sending a man to prison. And he’s had plenty of time to plot his revenge.
While helping a woman navigate the court system, Elizabeth falls prey to a stalker and Detective Martinez is assigned to her case. When it’s uncovered her client is the target of a murder for hire, they team up to catch the killer.
Although the one man Elizabeth fears is still behind bars, Martinez suspects he’s somehow involved. It wouldn’t be the first time a prison inmate got to someone on the outside. As the evidence builds in her client’s case, the danger escalates in her own. The tangled web connecting the two begins to unravel and it’s soon realized nothing is ever as it seems.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Flight Risk Cozy Mystery Boxed Set

by Susan Harper

Newfound friends Kendell and Pauline are traveling the world looking for adventure. With a knack for finding trouble, they keep finding themselves in the middle of murder mysteries. Can they stay one step ahead or are they destined to become the victims in the next murder mystery?

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Category: Mystery – Collections & Anthologies

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