by Jane Blythe

Did she murder her family or is she being set up?

A couple, their two teenage sons, and seven year old daughter are all slaughtered in their beds. The only survivor is oldest daughter, Annabelle.

Detective Xavier Montague is intrigued by Annabelle even though he knows he shouldn’t be. His attraction to her will force him to make the ultimate choice, a life and death decision, that could let a psychotic murderer walk free.

** All my books contain issues of sexual assault **

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Category: Mystery – Series


by Jane Blythe

Before the sun rises, another will die.

A woman is found murdered on the grounds of the powerful Everette family’s estate. Then someone begins methodically killing off members of the Everette family one by one.

Detective Ryan Xander’s only inroad to the secretive family is Sofia Everette. Shunned by her father for her refusals to obey him, and battling a mysterious illness, Sofia’s childhood dreams may be the key to saving her life and stopping the killer from exterminating the entire Everette clan.

** All my books contain issues of sexual assault **

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A Cherry Sinister Murder

by Nancy McGovern

Faith Franklin is a dreamer. She dreams of cakes, pies & brownies.  But, more than anything, she dreams of serving her delicious treats to an adoring public.

So, when her grandmother asks her to move to Florida to help run her café, Faith can’t get out of Minnesota fast enough!

Before she knows it, life is exactly how she’d imagined it could be. She’s met wonderful friends. The café, Slice of Paradise, is stuffed with her amazing desserts.  And everyone is loving it!

Well, almost everyone…

The owner of a nearby cupcake shop is not happy with Faith’s arrival in Paradise Point. She’s accused Faith of stealing her recipes & designs. And she is not shy about letting everyone know it.

So, when the woman is found dead the day after their confrontation, people immediately think Faith is the killer.

Is Faith a murderer? If not, who is?

Find out in A Cherry Sinister Murder!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Blackmail Flour Trail

by Nancy McGovern

Get the 3rd Slice of Paradise story before the price goes up!

Faith, Laura & Grandma Bessie have made it to the final round of the big Cupcake-Baking Contest! They’ve met & beaten some interesting folks along the way and now they’re so close to winning the $50,000 prize they can taste it!

But things are about to take a nasty turn.

When their competitor for the final round is found murdered, not only does it look like the contest will have to be cancelled, but the police immediately suspect Faith & her team of being involved. After all, a lot of money is at stake. Plus, there’s the topic of evidence…evidence that seems to point right at Faith.

Can Faith help clear her own name of murder? Can she help find the real murderer? And will all the hard work she’s put into winning the contest be for nothing?

Find out in The Blackmail Flour Trail!

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The Pregnant Pope

by Mit Sandru

The 92-year-old Pope is pregnant. Although he hasn’t undergone any medical procedures, he carries a human fetus in his abdomen. Is this a case of self-cloning, or a mutation? Is this an Immaculate Conception, or Satan’s work? Find out how Clair, Travis, and Prescott, the members of the Capuchin Trinity Team, are solving this mystery.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

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