GOD Plague

by Phoenix Sullivan

Rediscover hope this summer. A cathartic read of danger, love and all the feels. Plus heroic dogs, found family and a deadly race to save us all.

A vet first described the lethal disease that mimics rabies as a globulin obstructive disorder. That was 12 weeks ago, before it swept across America, ravaging the canine population. Before lawmakers made it a crime to own a dog and greenlighted a shoot-on-sight policy. Before media pounced on the term and the GOD Plague name was born.

Now it’s up to virologist Trevor Cole and Deputy Kate Harmon to protect the last dogs in America, not only from the virus but from gun-wielding citizens who don’t realize the dogs are key to stopping the plague that just jumped species.

But nature isn’t the only force manipulating the GOD virus. Biowarfare threats reverberate, drones are in the air and someone’s making sure Trevor and Kate don’t succeed.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical


A Dragonfly’s Wing

by Jeremy Bradley-Silverio Donato

What happens when you mix Britain’s new prime minister and her secret past; a writer whose new book seems all too real; his former roommate, now a French cultural attaché; and a young gay man who needs to escape from his mother and her abusive boyfriend? Prepare for intrigue as all of their paths converge.

Set in London, Paris, and Vienna, this is the new novel by the bestselling author of My Memory Told Me a Secret.

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Category: Mystery – LGBT



by Eldon Farrell

It takes a certain kind of evil to save this city.

Nathan works outside the law he’s sworn to uphold. A rogue detective, he rules the streets of Union City through fear and intimidation. But nothing lasts forever. Now an ace blogger has leaked incriminating evidence against him, and her testimony is good. Too good.

Someone talked. But who?

“A Gritty, In-Your-Face, Futuristic Crime Novel! Captures your attention from the very first line.”

“James Rollins meets The Suicide Squad. Blew. My. Mind.”

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers



by Thomas Kelso

Orthopedic trauma surgeon Mark Thurman and stem cell biologist Claire Hodgson have a method to heal fractured bones in days. They test their revolutionary procedure on a gunshot victim who turns out to be a former SEAL Team colleague. As things spin out of control Thurman realizes his patient’s double life threatens national security and may get them all killed.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical


Broken Days

by Emma Sebastian

Gina Adams is being pursued. The question: by whom, exactly, or what? A killer . . . or personal demons?

Troubled by an unknown stalker, Gina Adams is at wit’s end. Detectives Max Renford and Terri Vilnas are on the case . . . but mystified. All evidence points to a serial killer—only, one that’s off limits for ethical reasons. Could Gina’s past psychosis be the key to what’s afoot?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


Nobody Drowned

by Peter Kingsmill

Former Coast Guard Boatswain Frank Anderson knows stuff about boats. When the local cops ask for his help to recover two university students who have died violently in a small boat accident, he tells them he’s damn sure the deaths were not the result of negligence. The collision was deliberate and the crime was murder.

For the second time this summer, Anderson finds himself patching together a network of cops, local leaders and talented young women to find the motive for this murder. But it won’t stop there: eight more people will lose their lives before the students’ deaths are avenged, and before an evil mining corporation is brought to its knees.

Nobody Drowned is the second novel in the Awan Lake series and is a “thrilling novel, a great story, and well-written. I would highly recommend it to others and would not hesitate to read more by Peter Kingsmill.” (NetGalley Reviewer)

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Category: Mystery – Series


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