The Holy City Hustle: A Duke Dempsey Mystery

by Ron Plante Jr

Super sleuth Duke Dempsey is at it again when he is drawn into a world of corruption, deception, and murder. An assassinated mayor, the mob, and corruption that reaches the highest levels of government takes Duke on a journey that brings him face to face with his past. All the answers he seeks are in an elusive ledger that he must bring to light.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

Sea of Lies

by Andrew Cunningham

While vacationing on a Caribbean cruise, Del Honeycutt runs across his old high school classmate, Chet. When Chet suddenly vanishes from the ship, Del and bestselling mystery author Sabrina Spencer are thrust into a dark and dangerous voyage.

Why isn’t anyone concerned about his disappearance? And who is the strange man now calling himself Chet?

On a ship full of lies, Del and Sabrina don’t know where to turn or who to trust—and the wrong decision could be deadly!

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Collector

by R. Allen Chappell

When her agent is brutally murdered in his own trading post the only clue points directly at Lucy Tallwoman. They need help…and fast. As the FBI weighs in, Lucy’s youthful indiscretions come back to haunt her—bringing unknown family ties into play. Her growing fame as a traditional weaver has put her in the crosshairs of two wealthy and deadly Collectors. Investigator Charlie Yazzie stands with his friends in the face of a chilling plot aimed at the burgeoning market in Native American art. Who can they trust? And which of them are not what they seem?
Billionaire collector Percy Vermeer is obsessed with Native American Art. But when he runs up against a devious international art consortium—even Vermeer may be out of his league. Both factions can afford the best—especially when it comes to killers.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Behind Yesterday

by Richard D. Taylor

Thomas Watson, a 1998 history professor, mysteriously appears during the Battle of Britain. Churchill, losing the struggle, is pressured to surrender. Knowing the war’s outcome, can Thomas convince him to persevere and win the war without revealing his unique situation?

Upon his curious arrival in London, Thomas finds he is married to Margaret, a woman he doesn’t know but learns to love. Although unaware of his previous life, he’s aware of the historical events unfolding. In their quest to influence Churchill to persevere and save the free world, Thomas and Margaret race down a path of danger, espionage, love, and intrigue.

A cast of fascinating characters finds their lives intertwined, eventually converging at the unexpected and exciting conclusion to one of the most important events of the twentieth century.

You’ll love this story because you think you know the ending.

But you don’t.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Exposed: Book 3 – Darkest of Portland Series

by Dena Crawford-Nibler

Everyone has their secrets, and everyone has their weaknesses.

Calliope King was relaxing after work when she got a very private video of her friend Trevor from an anonymous phone number. It quickly becomes apparent that she wasn’t the only one who received the disturbing message. Someone has made a website, and is exposing the private lives and secrets of people for reasons known only to the perpetrator.

Callie and her friend, private detective Xavier Ramos, are determined to find out who is behind the humiliation of their friend and stop them before they can ruin more lives. As they investigate, more people are exposed by the mastermind behind the website. There seems to be no connection between the victims, and the investigation runs into dead end after dead end.

What connects these strangers? Why are their sordid private lives being revealed, one by one? Callie and Xavier have to find out quickly. Because when someone turns up dead, it seems as though the perpetrator wants to destroy more than just the reputations of the targets.

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Category: Mystery – African American

The Vampires of Shadow Hills Series: Book 1-3

by Willow Rose

For fans of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries comes a new addiction impossible to put down.

Readers are raving about this series! All ten books in the series are out now! Start Binge-reading today!

Robyn can’t picture life without her childhood best friend Jayden. And now that they’re in high school in the sleepy town of Shadow Hills, she’s hoping they can take their friendship to the next level. But when their parents suddenly forbid them from seeing each other because of a centuries-old family quarrel, the few blocks between them might as well be worlds apart.

She also can’t help but wonder if the flirty new girl in their neighborhood with her sights set on Jayden has put another nail in the coffin.

While her parents keep her under lock and key, they let her older brother roam free late into the night… even after a local girl is found murdered. Between her brother’s nighttime excursions and her parents’ odd behavior, Robyn starts to worry that the killer may be living under her own roof.

When danger lurks around every corner, Robyn must decide if she’s willing to risk her family and her life for a chance at true love.

This is the first three books in a fun and frightening series of romantic paranormal mysteries.

If you like star-crossed chemistry, headstrong heroines, and riveting family drama, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s heart-throbbing series.

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Category: Suspense