In one fell swoop

by Willow Rose

Every now and then Mother Nature likes to show us who is boss.

On a hot day in June, two groups of campers disappear in the Green Swamps of Florida. The wood is still burning in the bonfire, all their belongings are abandoned, and there is blood at the campground. But not a single body is found.

Patty McGee, the grandmother to one of the missing campers, sets out to find out what happened to her grandson, thinking his father might have kidnapped him. However, soon she realizes she is up against a force way more powerful than that. It’s a battle even she can’t win.

From the Queen of Scream comes a scary, yet humorous tale of man’s battle against nature. In One Fell Swoop is a compelling and clever story, as only Willow Rose can deliver.

Fans of Stephen King, Blake Crouch, Paula Hawkins, Kendra Elliot and Robert Dugoni will be gripped by this page-turning supernatural thriller, guaranteed to keep you reading til the next morning.

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Category: Suspense


Last Breath

by Kate Gable

A couple expecting their first child is brutally murdered. The prime suspect is the scorned ex-wife with no knowledge of how she got there or what happened. It’s up to Detective Charlotte Pierce to unravel the mystery of the newlyweds’ murder. It looks like an open and shut case, but certain things are not adding up.

Despite pressures from her FBI Director father, Charlotte came to Mesquite County to escape the burdens of a big city police department. She has been through a lot and a quiet suburban community where nothing really happens is exactly what she is looking for.

Little does she know that this quiet community is filled with secrets of its own, including those within the police department. She could easily go with the flow, but she refuses to ignore even the smallest inconsistencies.

Was it the ex-wife or is the murderer still out there? Can Charlotte get to the truth before he kills again?

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Category: Mystery – Series


Spies Never Quit

by M Taylor Christensen

Mari has never been a spy before. It’s much harder than it looks.

After her mother is abducted, Mari Sandoval breaks into her mother’s research lab in an ill-advised attempt to appease the kidnappers. Fortunately she’s thwarted by two spunky sorority girls who offer her a better way to save her mother—become a spy.

In the fast-paced, spy girls’ world—where fabulous new clothes, high-tech gadgets, and flirting for secrets are the norm—Mari’s inexperience could ruin everything. Will she be able to master the art of espionage in time to rescue her mother? Or will her undercover mission doom them both?

Spies Never Quit is a light spy-thriller with cozy suspense and sweet romance.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Spies Never Swoon

by M Taylor Christensen

Anna doesn’t care if the prince is charming. She only has to keep him alive.

Agent Anna Rivers is no stranger to sabotage, mysterious attacks, or high-speed car chases, so protecting Prince Leopold should be no problem. But his constant flirting will test her resolve to not get romantically involved on a mission. Can she save the prince and guard her heart at the same time?

Kick-butt spy-girl meets charming prince.

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by A.M. Caplan

At the edge of sanity lies an extraordinary truth. Discovering it may be the last thing she ever does…
Hannah thinks she’s losing her mind. After hitting and killing a man with her car, his body and blood vanish without a trace. Desperate to prove she isn’t insane, she searches exhaustively until she finds him—alive and unharmed.

Taken under the wing of the handsome stranger, she’s stunned to learn he’s part of an ancient race of immortals. But so is his deranged sister, and she murders every person who learns his secret. And though Hannah is as tough and resourceful as they come, how can she hope to stop a psychopath who cannot die?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


by A.M. Caplan

Hannah Cirric just wants her nightmare to end. So when an uncle she believed dead arrives to warn her an obsessed psychotic immortal knows where she is, she flees with him. Racing to safety with the crazed killer hot on her heels, she barely escapes an ambush with death in her wake.

Holed up in her uncle’s fortified compound, Hannah starts to suspect the woman stalking her isn’t the only one after her blood. And with more immortals hunting for her unparalleled power, her only weapon might be coursing through her veins.

Will Hannah outsmart psychopaths desperate for her grisly gift before she’s bled dry?

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Death Do Us Part

by James D Mortain

When a beautiful young woman is reported missing from a luxury yacht, Detective Inspector Robbie Chilcott is tasked to find her—dead or alive.

But after disproving her husband’s claims that his wife had been away with her sister for two weeks, the seasoned cop predicts a fatal outcome and the daunting prospect of having to solve what appears to be a meticulously planned homicide.

Struggling to pin his prime suspect with the ultimate crime, shocking news from France flips the case on its head. Now it’s clear that life on the ocean waves isn’t all fun-loving, and champagne parties and DI Chilcott is hurtling headlong into a turbulent world of secrets and lies, lust and greed.

As he picks his way through the web of deceit, Chilcott is determined not to be beaten. The victim’s body is missing, and the case has him baffled, but he still has one hope to cling to; nothing is certain until death do us part.

Can the single-minded detective uncover the truth, or is he too late to stop the vows from becoming a reality?

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Category: Crime Fiction