Monty McSweeney’s Mansion

by Jack Parker Connolly

The Lycanthrope. The Vampire. The Wraith. The Undead.

Monty McSweeney, the world-famous billionaire, is dead. Accompanied by a team of six strangers, Detective Alrich Mousavi travels to McSweeney’s island home in the hope of finding answers. They aren’t in the house for long, however, when a member of the team dies mysteriously.

Mousavi is at a loss for clues, all except for a burned-up old journal belonging to the deceased billionaire himself. As the team’s misfortune continues to grow, Mousavi is forced to question if the killer is among them or if something more sinister is at work.

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Category: Mystery – Series

TEPUI: The Last Expedition

by John Oehler

“TEPUI: The Last Expedition” is a novel of adventure, terror, and forbidden love. It tells the story of Jerry Pace, a burn-scarred botanist, who reluctantly agrees to accompany his best friend deep into Venezuela’s Orinoco wilderness. Their plan is to retrace the footsteps of a doomed Spanish expedition in 1559 from which only 6 of the 49 explorers returned. TEPUI was 1st PLACE WINNER in PNWA’s annual fiction competition.

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Category: Suspense

Solo Players

by Meir Geuz

Mystery is the secret behind the power of Solo, a highly covert organization of assassins, whose most senior members don’t even know who they work for.
Solo chooses its missions carefully and carries them out under the cover of innocent events or accidents. The only condition: the assassination must serve the good of the Jewish people.
Mikey is tasked with the simple mission of guarding a famous actress, but finds himself right in the middle of an international affair when a British minister is found dead.
As secrets from the past begin to surface and good friends are revealed as enemies, Solo’s hit list continues to lengthen. How is Mikey connected to these strange events? And should he be concerned about his own fate?

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Category: Thrillers – Assassinations


by E.W. Johnson M.D.

A courier for a major drug cartel has an offer. If his pregnant wife and three year old daughter can be rescued from Mexico, he will supply all the information he has on the smuggling operation. With corrupt officials involved on both sides of the border he reaches out to Dr. Sean Nolan for help.
To Dr. Nolan it seems like a simple request and well worth the risk.
Uh……or not.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

A Tail of Mystery

by Paul Regnier

The only thing between Luke Cooper and a murder rap is his dog.

The loss of his job sends Luke crawling back to his hometown with his dog, Bandit. Desperate for cash, he agrees to be the subject of his uncle’s lab experiment.

When he wakes up, his uncle is dead–and his dog is talking to him.

Since the police find only Luke at the scene of the murder, things aren’t looking good for him. Fortunately, Bandit finds a clue that might lead to the true killer.

With the help of his mom, his childhood friend, and his chatty dog, Luke searches for the murderer…but can he find the truth before he ends up in jail?

Settle in for a cozy mystery full of humor and adventure. Buy A Tail of Mystery and find out whodunit today!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Player Without Luck

by Kristina Gallo

When Silvija found a dead body in the casino, it looked like an accident. Did it involve the work of a hitman? A man who knew a dirty secret from her past blackmailed her. She had a motive for the murder because a ruined reputation could cause her to lose her job and husband. Her affair with a security guard, Ivan, will complicate things further. She wanted to be safe, but Ivan was involved deeper than she thought.

$1.24 Previously $1.81

Category: Thrillers – Crime

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