Hit the Road Jack

by Willow Rose

The first heart-stopping, enthralling serial killer thriller in the million-copy bestselling Jack Ryder Mystery Series.

Ben is supposed to be in school. It’s Monday morning, but his parents are still asleep after a night of heavy drinking. Ben waits patiently, even though he knows he is missing out on today’s field trip to the zoo. But, when his black Labrador suddenly runs upstairs and comes down with a finger in his mouth, Ben knows he’s not making it to school today at all.

Detective Jack Ryder is chaperoning his kids’ field trip when he gets the call from the head of the Cocoa Beach Police Department. A body has been found, and they need his help. Soon, Jack finds himself up against a killer, a predator who ruthlessly chases women and kills them so they can never leave him. The case soon causes serious consequences for him and his family once the truth is revealed.

With her new hero, Jack Ryder, as a loving father and committed detective, a new location in tropical Florida, and a story that moves at an incredible pace, Hit the Road Jack is Willow Rose at the top of her game.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


Murderous Morning

by Bernadette Calonego

A remote farm in Canada`s wilderness. A man`s lifeless body in the grass. The rooms in the farm house splattered with blood. Three children, brutally murdered. No trace of their mother.
Five years ago, family lawyer Tessa Griffins fled to Vancouver from the isolated mining town of Whatou Lake. Now she returns to her parents’ home there in order to search for the dead children’s mother, her stepsister Fran. And she wants to find the killer – just as Detective Sergeant Ron Halprin does, head of a special RCMP unit in Vancouver who is sent to Whatou Lake, to solve the case.
Tessa is stonewalled everywhere. What secrets does her father, the respected town doctor, have? And why does her mother, who had welcomed many foster children into their home, suddenly stop telling the whole truth? Does Fran lead a secret life? And why is it Tessa’s former boyfriend, Tsaytis Chelin from the Sitklat’l First Nation, who finds the dead bodies? On the third day, Tessa makes a gruesome discovery. As she crosses the wilderness on the track of the murderer, she finds herself under a deadly threat.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


The Aura: A Kate Benedict Paranormal Mystery (The Kate Benedict Series Book 1)

by Carrie Bedford

Life spins out of control for London architect Kate Benedict when she sees a dancing aura above certain people’s heads that seems to signal death. Suddenly she’s psychic. But that can’t be! Psychic’s not acceptable in her circle, where the supernatural is strictly for the superstitious. And yet…people are dying. People close to her.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


In the Space of an Atom

by Bruce M. Perrin

Jeremy Reynolds has been listless for a while. First, his girlfriend dumped him and he was in a funk. Then, he quit his job. Yes, Jeremy was doing little and caring less. But recently, he has found something that energizes him, something that gives him direction. It’s called, running for his life. And after he accidentally involves beautiful Diane Stapleton, MD, the two of them match wits with the killer in chases that take them where no one else has been—in the space of an atom.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers


Talion Justice

by Rick Bosworth


Frank Luce, former war hero and trusted CIA analyst, is now homeless on the streets of his nation’s capital, having been mysteriously terminated from the CIA and smeared into ruination by false allegations. He’s lost everything: his marriage, his reputation, his hope, and his faith in humanity.

Frank survives a savage beating by a group of other homeless men and regains consciousness in an ICU, where he learns something that changes everything. With help from his ex-girlfriend and his childhood hero, a retired mob boss, Frank vows to avenge his honor and reclaim what his government stole from him.

But he is now a man with many questions—and little time.

All questions lead to Prisha Baari, a sociopathic CIA Deputy Director and Frank’s former boss, who will do anything to ensure the success of her sinister special project to control the minds of the American people — including terminating Frank Luce again. This time for good.

Frank must expose Baari and her dark secrets to determine the shadowy truth behind why his government turned on him, and dispatch eye-for-an-eye justice against those responsible for his destruction. But when Frank discovers Baari’s treachery goes well beyond him, he is forced to once again place his trust in others to succeed.

At stake is the soul of the nation. And the soul of Frank Luce.

Note: The Frank Luce Series is best read in order, starting with book 1 (Talion Justice) followed by book 2 (Raw Justice).

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Political


Murder of the Obeah Man

by Judy Fishel

Jeenya Birdsong heard the owl and knew someone was dying. It could be MURDER. Her husband didn’t believe this nonsense. When they find the body of her friend, the Obeah Man, the warm-hearted old herbalist and spiritual advisor wants to help find the killer but how could she possibly help. The story takes place in Palm City, FL in a neighborhood filled with Jamaicans.

$2.99 Previously $9.99

Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


Accidental Lazarus

by Kfir Luzzatto

A paranormal detective like Dave Callaghan has already seen everything, but he never expected to find a presumed dead mobster drinking scotch in his armchair. He is definitely unhappy when he (it?) engages him to find out who shot him. But the worse is yet to come; Dave’s girlfriend gets involved and the real trouble begins.

$0.00 Previously $0.99

Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled


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