Her Final Mistake

by Amy Waeschle

A murder. A twisted truth. A fight for survival.

Investigative journalist Meg Dawson is about to be demoted to the graveyard shift unless she can score a big scoop. But she gets more than she bargained for when a murder case lands in her lap—the victim was her good friend, Sam Vargas.

Just when Meg starts building momentum to uncover the truth about Sam’s death, her boss at the Times hands her story to her archrival. What’s worse, the police are asking all the wrong questions, both about Sam and her dark past. Meg continues her investigation in secret, uncovering one ugly deed after the next, until she comes face to face with a devastating truth.

Can Meg outsmart a killer who always seems to be one step ahead?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

The Library of the Kings

by Roberts & Maclay

Hidden wisdom. A relic of unbelievable power. A race against time.
Ancient legends, devilish plans, startling plot twists, breathtaking action and a dash of humor: “The Library of the Kings” is gripping entertainment – it’s like reading a Blockbuster.

When clues to the long-lost Library of Alexandria surface, ex-Cobra officer Tom Wagner and archaeologist Hellen de Mey aren’t the only ones on the hunt for its vanished secrets. A sinister power is plotting in the background, and nothing is as it seems. And the dark secret hidden in the Library threatens all of humanity.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Pulp

Marc Kadella Mysteries Vol 1-9 (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery)

by Dennis Carstens

No-nonsense, world-weary Minneapolis lawyer Marc Kadella shines through gritty, street-wise narrative in Dennis Carstens’ action-packed legal thriller series, sure to please fans of courtroom drama and classic noir alike. And there’s a contemporary angle that will delight readers of both sexes—the toughest guy in the series is gorgeous investigator Maddy Rivers.

$0.00 Previously $9.99

Category: Thrillers – Legal

Eve Lloyd’s A Deadline Cozy Mystery – Books 1 to 5

by Sonia Parin

Fun-filled cozy mysteries with Eve Lloyd, magnet for murder and mayhem, and a host of quirky characters. Rock-Maine Island seems like the perfect getaway for recent divorcee Eve Lloyd. But when her aunt, the island’s famous local author, goes missing, Eve must take up sleuthing – and avoid the handsome detective who considers her a suspect. Who said starting over was easy?

$0.99 Previously $7.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy

Trencher’s Bunker

by Shane Noble

Our beloved global elite secure their survival well before the common people know a thing.

New money Marcus Trencher, a brilliant but reclusive tech industrialist, is brought in to design massive superbunkers for this privileged class. In exchange for his talents, he only asks to oversee construction of one such bunker. It becomes nothing short of a subterranean palace. His life underground was to be a life of comfort.

Near the doomsday deadline, he sends his closest friend Henry Plyman to recruit desirables to join them underground. Plyman believes he is filling vital roles to service a population of hundreds, if not thousands. That isn’t exactly the case.

Unlike Plyman, Timothy Spencer refuses any part of Trencher’s plan, ultimately sacrificing their friendship, and his place in Trencher’s bunker.

Spencer does secure a bunker bid, but elsewhere, and nowhere near as luxurious. He mines coal and subsists on a soy-based protein drink. His wife is depressed and his children grow ill. He cannot shake the sense that Trencher has a presence in his miserable new home, and he begins to investigate.

It becomes a tale of two bunkers – one for the haves, and one for the have-nots.

Conspiracy runs deep. Truth tends to surface.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

The Vanishing Girls

by Callie Browning

Award-winning author Callie Browning’s follow-up novel to her Oprah Magazine featured debut is a pulse-pounding romantic thriller with a juicy love story that will leave you breathless.

Holden Davis has enough problems: mounting debt, a lifelong feud with his brother and his father’s legacy to live up to. If he’s honest with himself, he’ll admit that hiring a mysterious assistant in the dead of night probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do either.

But life gets more complex when his funeral home has to process the bodies left behind by a serial killer and Holden develops feelings for his assistant, Eileen. With no leads, the police are in a race against time as the Cane Slasher ravages the country. Eileen believes she can crack the case, but will Holden and Eileen’s forbidden love stop them from finding the killer?

$0.00 Previously $4.99

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

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