Miss Polly had a Dolly

by Willow Rose

I guarantee you will not put this book down till you are done. -Amazon review

Miss Polly had a dolly. A beautiful daughter that she called her Baby Doll. Every day she dressed her in cute outfits and brushed her hair before they went outside to show off to the neighbors. On the playground, one day, her Baby Doll talked to a boy, and for one unforgivable second, Miss Polly let herself be distracted by a woman telling her how adorable she thought her daughter was. When Miss Polly finally turned to look at her Baby Doll again, she was gone.

Many years later, Emma Frost hears about the disappearance of the little girl and learns that she is not the only one to have gone missing from Fanoe Island back in the nineties. As she digs deeper into the story, she soon finds herself entangled in a web of strange and disturbing events.

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Category: Suspense


Boulevard Dreams

by E Ryan Janz

In this intelligent and darkly funny anti-noir mystery set in 1958 San Francisco, a down and out Private Eye, Joe Nails, experiences a series of surrealistic dreams in which his once best friend pleads for his help before turning a gun to his own head and firing. To ease his mind, Joe sets out to locate him, but discovers his friend vanished a month before the dreams began. As his investigation deepens, he becomes embroiled in an encircling world of murder, deception and confusion, until Joe Nails finds himself staring into the dreadful face of the unimaginable.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators


Kindred Crimes (The Jeri Howard Series Book 1)

by Janet Dawson

Jeri Howard investigates in a missing persons case that sprawls throughout Northern California. For a woman who told her husband she had no relatives, Renee Foster’s actually well-stocked. The whole family—criminals and kindly aunts alike—comes alive, prompting the New York Times to hail it as “a welcome addition to this tough genre.”

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths


TEPUI; The Last Expedition

by John Oehler

“TEPUI: The Last Expedition” is a novel of suspense, adventure, and forbidden love. It tells the story of Jerry Pace, a burn-scarred botanist, who reluctantly agrees to accompany his best friend deep into Venezuela’s Orinoco wilderness. Their plan is to retrace the footsteps of a doomed Spanish expedition in 1559 from which only 6 of the 49 explorers returned.

Prior to publication, “TEPUI” won 1st PLACE in Fiction in the prestigious Pacific Northwest Writers Association annual competition for unpublished works.

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Category: Suspense


Dangerous Bureau

by Roger Williams

Tara Helms, a housewife and computer whiz, learns quite-by-accident that her child’s killer is in the IB. She’ll team with a dying, guilt-ridden, former IB agent in attempting to destroy Eric Colvin. The fight will be an arduous, brutal one – to the death.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological



by Steven Havelock

Do you like stories in the style of the Twilight zone, Outer limits and Tales from the crypt?
Then this massive book of short stories is for you, not too wordy, not too long but still packs a hell of a punch.
159 tales from the deepest depths of the psyche, this massive book by a single author has taken over 20 years to write and takes over 100 hours to read, if you want a book that’s going to keep you up into the early hours of the morning then this is it.
This book is filled with bizarre happenings from axe wielding serial killers to shadow demons in the dark and things that go bump in the night.
Over 1800 pages and 159 tales from the deepest depths of the psyche. So, light the bedside lamp, draw the bed-covers close and prepare for a rare treat of a book that will have you reading into the early hours of the morning.

$1.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological


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