We Must Save Jepson!

by Mark Petersen

Suspense! Murder! Tea breaks! In this hilarious historical satire, H. R. Huxtable sets out to rescue a beleaguered British outpost in Africa. The odds are piling up against him, but despite oppressive jungle, cannibals, an oversexed female, and his own unhinged troops, Huxtable will prevail. Er … won’t he?

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Category: Thrillers – Historical

A Matter of Latitude

by Isobel Blackthorn

A riveting mystery about survival, revenge and long-hidden secrets.

When Lanzarote anti-corruption activist Celestino is T-boned on a lonely road, he knows the collision was no accident. Wounded and fearing for his life, he hides in an abandoned fishing village, waiting for a chance to make it home.

Meanwhile, his wife Paula is distraught and sets out to look for him. Paula’s search for her husband quickly descends into mayhem, danger and intrigue. Before long, she realizes she’s being followed. She needs answers, and fast.

But where is Celestino, and will he ever make it back alive?

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Category: Mystery – Series

Even Odds

by Fiona Quinn

If she’s not careful, she’ll lose more than her heart on this mission…

Someone wants the men of Delta Force out of the way. Permanently. Defense intelligence officer Raine Meyers will do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat. But the job would be a lot simpler if she didn’t have to go undercover with her ex-fiancé—the only man she’s ever loved. The man she pushed out of her life seven years ago…

FBI special agent Damian Prescott lost Raine once. It’s not a mistake he plans to repeat. So, he’ll help her take down the terrorist threat against Delta Force, and keep her safe in the process. Then he’ll do everything he can to turn their fake, undercover relationship into a real one. The kind that ends in happily ever after…

They’re outmanned and outgunned. Can Raine and Damian stay alive long enough to complete the mission and grab their second chance at love? Maybe. But their odds are far from even…

Download your copy now and join the team for this second-chance military romance, women’s action adventure driven by spies, terrorists, and the intelligence communities who work to keep us safe.

Even Odds can be read as a standalone, as part of the FBI Joint Task Force series, or as part of the World of Iniquus.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage


by Judi Daykin

Detective Sara Hirst has moved from London to Norfolk Police’s Serious Crimes Unit.

It’s carnival week in Cromer on the Norfolk coast. The Norfolk Police’s Serious Crimes Unit have been having an easy-going summer — until this morning.

The body of Daisy Shaw, the Carnival Queen, is discovered in a back alley.

Suspicion falls on the carnival crew, especially when it turns out that Daisy’s boyfriend Kit was one of them.

The atmosphere in Cromer soon grows nasty. The roads are closed. The town descends into chaos. And the murder detectives are right in the thick of it, trying to piece together what happened to Daisy.

Can Sara solve the case before things go from bad to worse?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Orange Thyme Death

by Leena Clover

Small town baker Anna Butler becomes a top murder suspect again when a man is found dead in her bookstore. If you like cozy mysteries with beach settings, yummy food, quirky characters and plenty of twists and turns, you don’t want to miss this entertaining read. Edge of your seat reading guaranteed!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

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